The explanation of monochrome fashion is a style dressing in only one color. Monochromatic outfits in our  daily life are associated with black outfits which are chic slimming, trendy and very popular. However, this smart way of dressing can be done in all shades. 



There are several techniques to practice monochrome dressing:

  • Gradient color of the same shade to break the monotony. The combination of dark and light colors of the same shade will create a very elegant effect.
  • Highlighting the different layers of an outfit using different shades of a hue or mixing different textures. The distinction between soft and hard, light and dark will make the whole look more layered.


  • With a little help of white you can refine and brighten your outfits making monochromatic looks more wearable as white pairs well with any solid color.

With those said, lets comment our look of the day. It is a coral chiffon short dress by HM. Living coral is the color of the year according to Pantone so I decided to incorporate it to my wardrobe. This short dress is very dainty, it has very cute details such as the pleated top, the opening with a concealed button at the back, the elasticated waist with ruffles and the flowy skirt.


I paired it with a menina pin in the same shades, earrings in the matching color scheme and ballerina flats in coral leather with toe and elasticated band in black to make a bit of contrast. I completed the look with an old straw bag with a big teasel in a similar shade. All together made a nice esemble for a hot August day in Madrid.


How would you wear your monochrome outfits? How often do you practice monochromatic looks?

Have a nice day and see U in my next post.


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  1. Superduque says:

    La que es guapa lo es hasta vestida de torero, un beso Maria.


    1. María Sanz says:

      Muchísimas gracias por tu amabilidad, queridisimo Superduque


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