On the road again with today´s outfit.


I always made mistakes between tweed and bouclé as they are used interchangeably. Bouclé is a yarn and the fabric made from this yarn. Tweed is another fabric which requires wool in its composition. Tweed sounds luxurious while bouclé looks French.


If this is the case the cream dress, I am wearing in this post should be described as tweed (because the fabric contains some wool) although HM describes it as bouclé weave.


Well, no matter what is the composition I like this knee-length dress in a textured fabric with short sleeves. I adore the frayed raw edges around the sleeves and the hem and the front pockets with a decorative button.I paired it with a straight-cut shirt jacket in a textured weave made of cotton. It has a collar with a beaded trim and large chest pockets.


Everything in cream and off white for a monochrome look only spiced with a lovely black clutch.  

Are you a big fan of bouclé and tweed?

Love and peace.


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