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One of the questions I have from my customers is how to select vibrant colors that go together and match with the ones they have already in their wardrobes and how to build a cohesive and long-lasting wardrobe with bright colors.



Capsule wardrobes seem to be boring due to the fact that they tend to be colorless or to have lots of neutrals. It is true that we are all different and we have different preferences, so it is possible to have a colorful capsule wardrobe. For me it is easy to create a capsule wardrobe full of colors as I love pinks and blues and I have presented examples of them in this blog. This season I also have a capsule full of greys and pinks in all shades with some accents of black. Capsule wardrobes are meant to make your daily routines easier as well as to save you money, so colors play an important role in them. Then adding color to your wardrobe is a personal taste and, of course, feel free to use bright colors if this is your preference.

Resultado de imagen de colorful capsule wardrobe pinks and greys for winter

I  would like to include some useful tips to build a colorful capsule wardrobe:

  • Start with what you have. The first question is to answer the question of what you want to achieve with colors and how bold and bright to you want them. Maybe you only want a few splash of color or, on the other hand, you prefer them to be powerful. Take your time reviewing the clothes you have in your wardrobe and for sure if you love color, color will be part of your closet. Perhaps you only need to balance the bright colors between them or to mix them with neutrals. Then start with what you already have and from there add new options.


Resultado de imagen de colorful capsule wardrobe pinks and greys for winter

  • How to choose colors that match. To prepare capsule wardrobes for my customers or for myself, I use Adobe Color Wheel which is a free tool and helps to see which colors complement each other. There are also different rules on how to pair bright and dark colors and how to match colors in a color family. I love monochromatic outfits but for sure you look your best when the items are not completely in the same color. Color rules are effective to pair colors well, but you have to look for what suits you and need to feel comfortable with the colors you wear. In  my opinion, it works better when you choose 2 to 3 bright colors and then you pair them with neutrals. The palette is cohesive and everything in your wardrobe matches so it is interchangeable. If you include more colors the result could be worse as you have color, but pieces do not combine well and possibilities to optimize your wardrobe are limited. This will be a waste of money and the capsule wardrobe will not be effective. I always use the color wheel to be sure that go together and then I contrast it with my customer´s skin tone, hair and complexion. Once selection is made, I recommend having at least three or four items in the same color or shade which ensure the interchangeability of the wardrobe. I also suggest that some of the colors are timeless as it ensures you could mix and match them with future additions to your closet.

Resultado de imagen de colorful capsule wardrobe pinks and greys for winter

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  • Last but not least is to know where you can find colorful outfit inspiration. The first place could be Pinterest or just check your favorite online brands to see how they could match. Instagram is another source you can check.

Resultado de imagen de colorful capsule wardrobe pinks and greys for winter

Now it is your turn to look for colors and pieces you need to complete your colorful capsule wardrobes.

I hope I have met your expectations! Blessings and hugs