When I started to blog, I just wanted to express myself as part of a  radical life change. Then I was not interested in other blogs or even how to make money through a blog. Even nowdays I blog for the fun of it without caring about other things.  However, I always want to bring good content to my readers who mainly are English speaking people even and some Spanish speaking women. So I get insipiration by reading other blogs. The Spanish plus size blogger community is not too big if compared to American or British so I considered it was fair to make a list of 5 Spanish plus size blogs I love. This post is not sponsored so if you like the contents do no hesitate and suscribe.

My favourite Spanish plus size blog is which is run by Lidia Juvateny, a great photographer from Barcelona. Her blog contains wonderful pictures and very innovative outfits. Of course, I assume I am not as risky as Lidia but I love her styles as well as the artwork in her personal blog.

Lidia also makes an excellent team with Raquel from Madrid in Soy Curvy – another cute blog to follow. They give a twist to trends and make them plus size appropriate as well as they present great options on how to customize classics

girl gang

vestido flores asos-soy curvy-6

We lover size – is another of my favourite blogs. It is run by a group of girls led by Rebeca Gomez and Elena Dehesa but they have a team of loversizers who contribute from time to time wiht interesting posts. Their topics are very varied: fashion, beauty, healthy life, sex and love, etc. So you can enjoy multiple topics in just one blog. Last year they released a book telling their experience on being plus size girls.


Last for the moment will be Ana Pizarro´s  blog Ana is a photographer from Bilbao and she offers wonderful looks and great pictures. She brings innovative styles by mixing shapes, colors, trendy pieces and vintage clothes and accesories. It is worth to check her blog even though she does not post too often.

 I hope you have liked my selection of Spanish blogs. Soon I will include my favourite British and American plus size blogs. Which is your favourite  blog?

Have a nice Monday and have fun.


Hoy he hecho una selección de mis blogs de talla grande favoritos. En España sigo a Ana Pizarro más conocida como the duchess- una fotografa bilbaina muy estilosa que tambien escribe en SModa del pais con interesantes colaboraciones.

Otros de mis blogs favoritos son Just shoot me y Soy Curvy. Ambos presentan intersantes e innovadoras propuestas para las mujeres de talla grande y destacan sobre todo sus fotografías.

Girly Girl Magazine-camiseta-soy curvy-7

Por último citar a We lover Size cuyas fundadoras Rebeca y Elena han ampliado el espectro del blog asi como han publicado un interesante libro que recoge sus aventuras plus size.

Si os gustan los blogs os recomiendo hacer una visita por estos para encontrar interesantes sugerencias.

Feliz lunes. Besos infinitos

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