One of the easiest ways to do  monochrome is to wear a black turtleneck , a pair of black jeans and some black boots paired with a black biker or a black bomber.

This is the beginning of monochromatic outfits. But sometimes using the same color in a complete outfit could be tricky especially when we use bright colors or light neutrals.  As I said in my last post – the first of these on monochromatic looks – what makes monochromatic outfits more especial is to play with different shades and tints of the same color. One example of this is to wear  charcoal wool trousers paired with a pearl grey top and a dark grey pumps. Elegant, simple and chic. And always play with the colors that best suit your complexion.


A way to begin in the monochromatic way of dressing is taking from your closet the pieces that are in the same color even though they have a different tint. Then try to make combinations with these pieces try them on and take some pictures to have an idea on how much you like the outfit. You play with textures, shades and accessories

Obviously try to create balanced outfits by playing with proportions  Always pair a flowy top with fitted bottom or if you prefer an A-line skirt try to pair it with a fitted top.


Besides you can add some patterns to your monochromatic looks.

One of the advantages of monochromatic outfits is that make you taller so petite women can use them to elongate their figure as well as plus sized women.


And now let´s be practical. Here you have my proposal on a monochromatic outfit.  I rescued from my closet an innovative design for a colorful dress. The design of the sleeves makes it stand but what makes it more impressive is the vibrant blue Klein blue. Here I paired it with suede ballerinas with a nice embellishment and a pair of Klein blue and pearl earrings. To give a bit of contrast I added a colorful basket which contains Klein blue in its design.

Are you for bright color monochromatic ensembles?  Would you try the monochromatic trend?

Hugs and blessings.



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