IMG_9583.jpgThere were periods I tortured myself on being too fat however to take negative from my head I used to bust my self -esteem and confidence using little tricks.  And now with a high self-esteem and lots of confidence I see myself positively. When people tell me I am fat I always reply of course I am fat with style.

I am not promoting obesity but I feel good in my skin and I would like you could feel fine. I adopted some tricks so I share them with you.


 Listen to empowering songs  such as Beautiful by Christina Aguilera,  Unpretty by TLC or I am ready for love by India. Arie. With positive messages in your brain, your state of mind improves.

Avoid self- critique on how full your belly is or how big are your thighs. On the contrary focus your attention to self-acceptance.

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Wear  your favorite clothes and those that everybody compliments so your self – esteem will be high, and you will realize that being fat does not mean you are ugly.

If negative thoughts assault your mind when you are at home, dress up and go for a walk. Light exercising increases your serotonin levels and you will feel much better.


Actions need to be taken if you cannot accept yourself: visit a good nutritionist to start your personal diet, do more exercise or join a group such as weight watchers and stop blaming yourself for being fat. Try to reject frustration and guilt thoughts.  


I accept myself as a fat person although I does not mean I do not have inner critics; however, I accept myself as I am. I accept  I need to learn to how to eat healthy and to exercise daily. Reinvent yourself with positive thinking, self-acceptance and forget about the idea of being fat is no fun.

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What do you do when you feel down?

Thanks for Reading this post. Blessings and hugs.



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