IMG_0605When outside it is hot as hell there is a very fashionable way to refresh yourself: the movement of a hand-held fan  which increases the airflow and the evaporation rate of sweat on the skin.

Abanicos or Spanish fans are easy to carry as well as cute and feminine. It is an accessory that will keep you cool in summer as well as if you learn the seductive language of the fan you can send  hidden messages behind each fan movement.


Fans came to Europe around the 17th century from East Asia. They were used by men and women and even nowadays men use them – remember iconic photo of Karl Lagerfeld wearing a black fan. However, women of the upper society became absolute fans as they discovered a new use for their fans; they were a useful tool to express their emotions. A secret code was invented to serve this purpose and to comply with the social etiquette of the time.

The very first Spanish abaniqueros or fan makers appeared in the 17th century. However, fans were painted or decorated then a new profession appeared: fan painters. You can find very pretty abanicos all over Spain and if you visit my country it could be a nice present to take with you.

IMG_0607IMG_0608 - copia

And would like to know how to say I am married or I am single with a fan? You can practice with these clues:

Fanning yourself quickly while gazing into his eyes means: “I am crazy about you.”

Doing the same thing but slowly: “I´m married and feel indifferent about you.”

If a woman lets her fan drop to the floor in front of a man, it means “I belong to you.”


If a woman covers her face with an open fan: “Follow me when I leave.”

If a women opens the fan half way over her lips, she wants to be kissed.

Do you already have a fan? Will you use it ? 

Blessings and hugs.


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