Resultado de imagen de living coral outfits

This shade suits all skin tones and ethnicities and plays an excellent role in fashion accessories. It invigorates your outfits with energy and happiness 

Living Coral: Pantone Color of the Year 2019
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Every year Pantone Institute promotes one of their shades to be considered as the color of the year. This color is used in print , textiles and fashion sectors. And fashion designers use it profusely in their collections.

Resultado de imagen de pantone living coral

Color of the Year

Resultado de imagen de living coral

To choose the Color of the Year is used a process involving trend analysis as well as fresh color influences based on new technologies, fabrics and social media. The final color Will influence in fashion, design and decorating .

Resultado de imagen de living coral

For 2019 the chosen one is Living Coral which can be considered as a vibrant colar with a Golden undertone. It is a warm color to enrich your wardrobe with versatility and a luxury touch.

Resultado de imagen de living coral

Living coral represents a cheerful and joyful feeling offering vesatily and confort for fashion designers as it is an spirited and vibrant shade.

Living coral is a lighthearted tone present in nature and transmits a sociable and high-spirited mood. However, Living Coral is widespread in social media backgrounds so it is the perfect bridge to connect technology and modernity with underwater biomes  to transmit joy, cheerfulness and delight. 

Resultado de imagen de living coral outfitsAre you fond of orangy pinks? Do you like Pantone´s Color of the Year election?

Resultado de imagen de living coral outfitsResultado de imagen de living coral outfits





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