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Loving and acceptingt your body is tough but not impossible.  I takes time but you can get it.

When I was a teenager I had a conflictive relationship with my body. .. And fatness, obessity or however you can to call the weight excess had nothing to do. I did not like the scars in my feet. They were limiting myself from doing certain things and when you want to join the mass they were scandalous to hide me.


Howeve,it suddenly changed, when at school they needed somebody to represented it  at an international geography competition. I was good at English and Geography but I never thought I could represent my school.

For my teachers I wasn´t Maria I was Sanz (my last name) but for my head teacher who did not know me appart from a presentation I did on  my project I was the one with the scars… And you know what I was chosen not only because I was good at Geography or English but also for being different, for having scars.


I was told this story when I was in my internship as a teacher, and well I felt blessed as realizing how something different could give you opportunities. At that time I had accepted myself as I was but after this experience I noticed that maybe scars and why not my weight excess could be part of my identity signs.


I have always thanked my parents and grandparents their care about my health condition without limiting my childhood pranks too much. But that day I recognize how lucky I was because I could walk instead of using a wheelchair and how my body had given me a better life what could have been expected .


Since then I have loved my body because I gave pure life, because I have access to many incredible things, pleasurable or dissatisfied. I cannot separate from my body so I should be my house and my temple and I need to care it well.


Since then I also love my body and I accept it as it is. Does it mean I would not change it ?

Well, I know I have to reduce weight due to my knee problems so now this is my goal and I take it seriously but I accept myself as I am and try to perfect my body to be fit.


To make the story short, think about your relationships with those who you love. For sure you love them although do you always accept all what they do or say? Do you enjoy every time you are with them? My answer is not always so transfer this experience to the acceptance of your body. Admit there are times you dislike it but you have to accept we are not always in a positive mood to accept what we have but turning frustration to acceptance is the wiser thing you could do.



Our body is our life companion so we have to understand that our body is what transported us to have life on earth and what allows us to live, then we should love it as if it was our partner, parent or best friend asin fact, it is.


Then I embrace my body as my inseparable companion. Sometimes,I dislike its shape or my excess of weight but when I feel negative about my body, I come across it is due my bad mood and negativity and, to be frank, I quickly change my mind as we are together in the same team. Life is too short to be thinking negatively about yourself, then change your mind and accept your body as your best friend and if there is something you can improve, then go for it. Even though we are MUCH MORE than a body as we also have a soul.

Do you love and accept your body? 

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.IMG_8286-1.jpg

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  1. Genie Geer says:

    Greetings! I love this post! Recently I didn’t read any blogs just because I was so engaged on IG/making/endless packing, unpacking,rearranging and activities here at Juliette Fowler. So it’s Blog Catch-up Time. This post was my No.1 choice to start with! I greatly admire you and appreciate your wisdom! Happy New year and may it be another good one for you! 🧞‍♀️😻🎉✌️


    1. María Sanz says:

      My Dear Genie Geer. Happy New Year for you too. I follow your art creations on IG and you are doing a wonderful job. Your talent is amazing as from Little materials you make wonderful master pieces. I love your art work.
      Wish you the best for the New Year and God Bless you and your family. Cheers!!!


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