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Is blue your best-loved color? Do you own clothing items and accesories in different shades of blue (light blue, navy blue, denim blue, cobalt blue, midnight blue) and you do not know how to match them? Well it is easy, here you have some tips.

  • For sure you can pair a light blue with a darker shade by keeping it simple. No optical illusions with loud prints, just pair block colors. Dark denim jeans match perfectly with a light blue top as well as washed out jeans look good paired with a dark blue top.


  • Other tip could be playing with differente fabrics and textures. This will create a well defined separation between both shades. For example a nice baby blue silk dress goes well with a dark washed denim.77d3a-chaqueta7


  • You can also play around with accessories by adding a blue bag or a blue pair of heels when you wear a blue outfit. If you consider is too blue, then add neutrals such as nudes, greys, pinks even if it is an electric blue black or contrast it with red or yellow to highlight the different shades. 


I hope these ideas will inspire you when mixing and pairing different shades of blue. I have rescued some old pictures to accompany the post showing how to pair differnt shades of blue. 

Is blue your favourite color? How do you match different shades of blue?

Have a nice day. Love and peace.



Hoy traemos la respuesta gráfica a una pregunta realizada por una de mis compañeras a quien le fascina el azul tanto como a mí el rosa y el gris. Yolanda me preguntó cómo combinar diferentes gamas de azul en un mismo look pues tiene mucha ropa de este color y a veces se ve un poco perdida. Las claves son sencillas. En primer lugar resulta acertado combinar tonos de azul claro – azul bebe, celeste, aguamarina, turquesa- con azules más oscuros – marino, Klein, añil , petróleo, noche-. Se complementan bien y es una combinación clásica donde las haya. Sin embargo con estampados llamativos conviene ir en la misma gama para no introducir excesivo contraste.


Otro modo de combinar consiste en utilizar diversas texturas como el denim con la seda, neopreno con lino o algodón, texturas metalizadas con fibras naturales. Y por último, recurrir a los accesorios en contraste dentro de las gama de los azules, optar por los tonos neutros – blanco, crudos, gis o negro con azules eléctricos – o bien añadir accesorios en tonos brillantes como rojo, amarillo o rosa.

Espero que esto sirva para orientar y contestar la pregunta de cómo mezclar diversos tonos azules.

a26b7-faldavaquera1.jpg2014-07-09 13.22.07IMG_4648

¿Es el azul un color versátil? ¿Cómo lo utilizáis? Espero vuestros comentarios. Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.



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  1. Crystal says:

    I love every single look!!! ♥♥♥

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    1. Crystal, thanks again for your support. I also love blue in all its shades. Blessings.

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      1. Crystal says:

        You’re welcome!!! ♥

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  2. Genie Geer says:

    More great looks! Growing up I always favored warm colors and about 20 years ago, when a psychic told me to stay away from blue, I did…until a few years ago, when I realized I could stop dying my hair and celebrate it’s silvery-ness. Now I am gaga for all shades of blue, and mix them to my heart’s content. I lost touch with the psychic.

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    1. Genie, how could you have been stayed out of blue for so long? Blue is an amazing color with so many shades that there is at least one to express each emotion and feeling. And for your feeling blue is not always as negative as people think. Thanks for your comment and blessings.

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  3. LivingApril says:

    Great looks! Love your posts! I’d like you to take a look at my blog thank you!!! I will follow you!


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