Resultado de imagen de BIRKIN BASKET


Before the iconic Hermès Birkin bag after singer/actress became one of the most popular bags, Jane Birkin was known for her favorite wicker basket which is cute in all seasons.

Jane Birkin has been a real fashion icon and her love of wicker basket has accompanied us summer after summer. This bag you can be teamed with jeans and a white T-shirt, with wavy and flowy dresses or for more refined and special occasion ensembles.


The Birkin Wicker Bag has no compartments or subdivisions so I suggest using dust bags to separate delicate stuff; this not only will avoid damages but also will help in looking for things.


One of the cutest things of the Birkin basket is that it is opened and closed  by a moving top. At the beginning it is a bit hard to get used to that system but once it is closed it stays shut.

Resultado de imagen de BIRKIN BASKET

Birkin baskets are handmade so each one is unique so maybe what you think is an imperfection could be considered as the uniqueness of the basket.

This basket turns heads and people is asking about it . So, use this eye-catching basket to have all eyes on you.


Where to find Birkin baskets with a moderate price, here you have two options:

As a conclusion I could say this basket is a staple in my wardrobe, it is cute, versatile as it works perfectly for dressing up a casual look or dressing down a formal outfit.

Would you wear a Birkin Basket?

Have a lovely day. Stay blessed.

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