Among all the shades of blue, my favorite is Klein Blue and this fall is a huge trend ;on the other hand, it is also a color that suits great to any skin tone. It is easy to combine, as it allows you to create various outfits for different occasions.


Klein blue a rich color, representing strength and calmness. People think I should avoid wearing a monochromatic  outfit only made of this color, because, just like red, it can be too much but, from time to time, I love a complete Klein blue look. Here you have some possibilities on how to mix and match Klein blue.

  • Same rules apply to royal, electric and cobalt blue, because they all have similar purplish undertones and one of them is that they mix well with black. Any of those shades mixed with black creates an awesome look. This combiation is perfect for more formal events and mixed with vintage accesiries like pearl earrings  and you will be perfect. Then shoes, blazer or light coat and handbag or purse in black.


  • Klein blue with whites and nudes is an excellent combination, specially  in romantic and girly looks. In summer Klein blue and White is synonym of a polished  and fresh look. For winter outfits I recommend nudes or blush instead of White, but this is my personal choice.
  • Klein blue looks superb paired with pastels and among all of them mint green as this combination creates casual and Smart outfits you can dress up with jewelry or dess down paired with casual accesories.



Are you fond of Klein blue? How would you pair it? Have a nice day.

Love and blessings.



El azul Klein o azul eléctrico como se conoce a una variante viva del azul es un tono frío que favorece mucho a las mujeres de piel pálida y , en general , a aquellas que pertenecen a las gamas frías y grupo del invierno. También resalta en las pelirrojas pues les confiere una gran personalidad.

marbella32014-07-09 13.22.07

Dicho esto, os doy algunas pistas de cómo combinarlo. Para el día, me gusta con nude y blanco o con algunos pasteles como el verde menta. También queda increíble con fucsia o amarillo. Para la noche con gris, plata o coral resulta muy elegante y en invierno me encanta con negro o con gris marengo.

¿Qué combinación os resulta más ponible? ¿Os gusta tanto como a mí el azul Klein?

Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.

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  1. Genie Geer says:

    I have a pair of nubuck Klein blue booties you would probably beat me up for. I always wanted that clear acrylic coffee table with Klein blue crushed pebbles in it, it’s a classic.

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    1. María Sanz says:

      No I would not beat you up for having a pair of Klein blue booties. Leather and suede Klein blue shoes are always amazing and I love to have a pair of ballerinas in that shade. I wish I could afford to wear booties so I should be content with the flats. In any case do not throw them as , for sure, you will look great on them.


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