IMG_6073Last Tuesday it was the local holiday in Madrid, we celebrated the insurrection against the French Napoleonic troops that took place on the 2nd May 1808. There were lots of activities downtown and I wanted to enjoy the sun and the festive atmosphere just walking around and participating in some worksheets on make -up and pottery. Then I needed something cheerful and comfortable. I look in my wardrobe and I found this old kimono so I thought it was cute enough to be paired with one of my recent purchases, a fuchsia dress from Primark .



The kimono has a white and fuchsia floral design and matches perfectly with the off the shoulder ruffle dress. I am sorry but I did not have good pictures of the dress but I promise to include it in a future post.  To be hand free I just took one of my crossbody bags also in pink and to walk around some patent leather ballerina flats. All together it  is a coloful outfit but nothing special. What I love most are the buterfly earrings with an amethyst matching with the garnet and amethyst choker.

What do you wear for relaxing walk around the city? Do you prefer sneakers or flats? Love and peace. See U next time.



El martes era la fiesta local de Madrid, el 2 de mayo, conmemoración del  levantamiento de los madrileños contra las tropas napoleónicas en 1808. Había un montón de actividades en la calle y el día era estupendo. Pensé que mejor que pasear por la zona de Malasaña, epicentro de las celebraciones. Dicho y hecho, rebusqué en mi armario algo fresquito y colorido. Encontré este kimono que presentamos hoy que tiene su tiempo pero que solo me pongo en primavera y otoño. Como tiene un diseño floral en blanco y fucsia sobre fondo negro, pensé que le iría como anillo al dedo a mi nueva adquisición en Primark, un vestido con escote bardot o off the shoulder como se le conoce ahora en fucsia. Me encatna el volante que tiene y lo cómodo que resulta. Y si hacían buenas migas.



Para tener las manos libres añadí una bandolerita rosa y para andar cómoda unas bailarinas de charol negro. Sin embargo, lo que más me gusta de todo son los pendientes con forma de mariposa en dorado y amatista a juego con el choker realizado en granates y amatistas. Y tan pichi disfruté del día de fiesta…

¿Qué ropa os resulta más cómoda para callejear? ¿Preferís las sneakers o las bailarinas? Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.


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    1. Thanks a lot, Anja Ge.


  1. Genie Geer says:

    Always fun to see your style. I gave up sneakers a few years ago after so much toe-stubbing led to falling. I realized I couldn’t really feel (or see) my feet. I have found that flats, especially ballet flats, really hug my feet and let me feel the ground, while still being comfortable. And they are cute! Also, I love gladiator sandals for the same reasons, plus they seem to stabilize my ankles. Happy feet! In winter I love my flat bright blue booties, or red Mary Janes.


    1. Hi Genie Geer, My feet are “unique” as you all can see with so many operations on them… but they are made for walking and my walking shoes are Oxfords, Mary Janes and for sure ballet flats. Ballerina flats and espardrilles in summer. Sometimes I can wear sneakers but not everyday. Then I would like to wear knee high boots but my ankles do not resist them so… only ankle boots and sometimes Converse but I need to find brand new as my last pair in black has fade.
      Enjoy your week and thanks again for your indulging comments


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