For my summer capsule wardrobe I chose three light coats and one kimono. All of them have been presented so far. The reason why I prefer light coats is because they are really flattering and give a very polished touch to outfits. If you look for minimal or not too bussy prints you can wear them but I instead prefer to incorporate solid colors to my outerwear as they are more versatile. 

In this capsule I have two floral printed examples. First of all a silky kimono by Riverisland which I usually wear with its matching dress or with one of my solid colored dresses and I have also worn it with black jeans and a T-shirt. 

IMG_7467The second example is a light coat by  Modcloth which I purchased in July. I wear it as a dress and in many occassions with dresses.


The other coats were a coat by SAVIDA for Dunnes Stores and a dusty rose light coat by HM, One of these two options will be in my fall capsule wardrobe as both are smart and very combinable. 


Which one of my selections is your favorite? Do you wear summer light coats? 

Love and blessings.

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