To finish the series connected to my capsule wardrobe, here you have shoes and handbags. For shoes I had a pair of dusty pink flats, a pair of lace up ballerinas, glitter ballerinas and fuchsia low heeled shoes. As I specified in my previous post I   need to include more shoes as I need to change them often due to my health problems.

IMG_7502IMG_6321IMG_73782015-08-02 21.05.212015-07-04 19.15.54

For purses I chose a dusty pink city bag, a fuchsia clutch and two crossbodies: one in hot pink and the other in taupe. Here you can see pictures of them.


To match the city bag I added a pair of  pom-poms : one in dusty rose and the other in navy. I think it is a nice way to add a bit of color and make the handbag more wearable.

My second option is a more formal bag. It is a fuchsia suede clutch which matches perfectly with my suede pumps.

2015-07-04 19.17.59

As my go to options I had two crossbody bags. One in a vivid hot pink and the other in light grey. Both are versatile and practical.


From these handbag collection only the grey crossbody will be included in the fall capsule wardrobe. The others will be in my closet waiting for more wears next spring.

What type of shoes would you like to have in your capsule wardrobe?  What about handbags?

Love and blessings.

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  1. Genie Geer says:

    This year has been a challenge, having to cut back on my sartorial purchases, but I find I still adore my sky blue satchel from early last year, and a blush pink satchel with faux petal trim from several years ago! All I added in the last year was a pair of black/white stripe flats and an olive green satchel/tote. But since I sold one of my artdoll pieces on Etsy last week (YAY! I loved making that doll but she was yearning to travel to a new owner) I have splurged a little on ordering 3 THREE new dresses from Yes, from China, but affordable quality is what I require. They are similar, all midi and max length, 2 have an overdress of a darker tone than the underdress; they are slightly A-line and have side slits. A cotton/linen/poly blend gauze. Great for North Texas. One is brown tone, one is orange, and one is a stripe in grey/beige. Now I need a satchel/tote in a tan-orange tone. Something around $20, so PU or vegan “leather”. I still love my ripped skinny jeans and kimonos, too. But I love to float around in a dress, even if I am just at home….making art! Maybe I will make a drawing of the new clothes.

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    1. María Sanz says:

      Genie Geer congratulations for your delicate taste in bags and handbags. I am also glad people love your artdoll pieces, they are so cute. I will save some money to have one of them as they are beautiful.
      Chinese or Asian based companies offer nice things at very affordable pieces and I always look their sites to see if there is something interesting although I have serious problems with sizes. In any case I will check the new website you mention just in case I find something interesting.


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