Lately a lot of people tend to talk about and comment the  dress- code for plus size women. They appear in form of ten top tips for plus sized women or the best trends for plus sizes or tricks on how to look slimmer.


As far as I consider society is setting barriers for us in terms of standarizing models. And we plus size women have internalized many of them without questionning if they are real or not. With the movement of Body Positivity, everything went upside-down so whatever we wear is perfect if we love it. In my journey to look for my personal style I have broken some rules but there are certain limits I will not cross as I do not see myself wearing certain things such as bikinis or high-heels. I have my limitations and I do accept them, although I do not  like people telling me what I should wear.  



Last week one of my students told me how many dresses I  do have before entering to our final exam. I was shocked, my answer was  a lot. Then other girl, Elisa, suggested maybe you have got more than a hundred. Well, l told them you are too tense, so relax and think about yourselves and the exam you are taking in five minutes. When they came for their report cards, they apologized for asking this and cheered me up when they said I look great whatever dress I wear.  My reply was simple: I just wear what makes me feel comfortable, what makes me happy and what defines my personality suggesting they should do the same, trying to avoid all this publicity and trying to express themselves through their own style. Obviously, sixteen year girls can afford to wear almost everything they like but it was a good way to focus their atention to build their own styles.


With this said, I just would like everybody to accept their own body  and wear what they consider complements them and what reflects their personality. In my case I love high-heels and for a long time I used them until I realized it was an imposition against my health and my will. Once, when I worked for a finacial corporation my boss told me to wear heels in summer when my feet were swelling. Then I was furious, mad at him but my answer was simple I am sorry , sir, I can not afford to wear heels unless you are so kind to tell me a good remedy to reduce swellin in my feet. It was effective, he realized stereotypes are everywear but rules are made to be broken.


When I used flowers, short dresses (for my age) or colorful outfits I feel fine without bothering people.  And I do not wonder if they do not flatter me or I am too old for them, I just feel ok. Flowers and bright colors reflect myoptimism and short skirts allow me to show scars of my several operations proving beauty can have different shapes and types.

Why I tell you this? Simply to encourage you to wear whatever you like, to enjoy fashion trends and to feel empowered no matter what people think.

Have a nice day. Love and peace.



Últimamente parece que todo el mundo habla de lo que deben llevar las mujeres de talla grande, te recomiendan tips para parecer más esbelta o te indican que prendas te favorecen más. En mi caso creo que hemos interiorizado algunas de estas leyes pero como siempre las leyes están para romperse y, aunque no siempre apoyo el movimiento Body Positivity que nos lleva al otro extremo, procuro ponerme lo que me gusta que no siempre es lo que más favorece. Me encantan los vestidos si y me resultan super útiles, no teniendo que pensar con que los combino, adoro los cestos grandes y adoro los tacones pero asumo que mis pies no los pueden llevar así que con todo procuro llevar lo que me gusta y no lo que otros quieren que lleve.


Hace años trabajé en una oficina como personal assistant y el jefe que era un poco de la vieja escuela me sugirió que debía llevar zapato de tacón. Fue en un caluroso día de verano cuando mis pies estaban muy hinchados. Le sonreí y le dije que lo haría encantada si el me daba el remedio para bajar la hinchazón. De repente su cara cambió y me dijo que entendía mis motivos y que no hacia falta que llevara  tacones a la oficina… Bien es una experiencia de muchas pero que nos habla de las presiones que la sociedad nos impone. Sin embargo, debemos de ser nosotras mismas, defender nuestro estilo y nuestra libertad sin ofender claro a quienes nos rodean.  

IMG_4747IMG_20161208_170047Feliz día, besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.

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  1. I love your post! I agree, wear what you like and do you. xo


    1. Thanks a lot ExpensiveTasteAndSize20Waist.
      We have to wear what we like whatever is our size and type of body. XO

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    2. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment. We all have to wear what we like without prejudice to social impossitions. Have a nice day and blessings


  2. Genie Geer says:

    Wise words, and lovely fashion choices!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so sweet Genie Geer!.
      I totally agree with you, style is based o self-confidence, preferences and personal choices.
      Acceptance of your complexion also helps.
      Thanks again Genie Geer for your nice comment

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  3. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied
    that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.


    1. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate your collaborations.


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