Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

Have you ever tried on a shade of lipstick that makes your skin tones, eyes, and face come alive, and other in the same shade that makes you look tired?

 Obviously there is a reason for that and it is related to the undertones of your skin color and complexion.

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

In terms of art, and make up is an art, we distinguish between cool and warm colors so we should know what are our undertones and surface tone.

Distinguishing between surface tone and the undertones.

Surface tone is the color you describe your skin. Examples of this are medium, tan, dark, ivory, light, etc.

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

Skin undertone is the color underneath the surface which can be: cool based on pink, red or bluish undertones, warm with the prevalence of yellow and golden undertones and neutral which combines warm and cool undertones.

How do I know what is my type of skin undertone?

There are three ways.

1st method based on jewelry: Just consider if you look better in silver or gold jewelry. This has nothing to do with the type of jewelry you prefer, it is connected which the one hat makes you look glowing, luminous and joyful.Women with warm undertones look better in gold whether women with cool undertones look great when they wear platinum and silver metals.

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

2nd method known as the neutral test

That is based on the neutral shades that enhance your complexion. Does your skin and eyes look better in black and white or off-whittes and tan shades? If you look gorgeous in cream and tan shades for sure you have warm undertones while if you look better in black and white you belong to the cool category.

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

 3rd method look at your veins

Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or greenish? If blue shades predominate, you have cool undertones. In case your veins look greenish you have warm undertones.  Obviously, veins are not green but they look greenish because you see them through a yellow tone skin (yellow + blue = green).

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones

 What is your skin undertone? Have you ever tried these methods?

 Have a nice day and stayed blessed.

Resultado de imagen de warm skin undertones


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  1. amicubasite says:

    Great post !!! 😍😍

    1. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a los!! I am happy you like It!. Blessings

  2. V says:

    This is so helpful!

  3. María Sanz says:

    Thanks a lot. I just wanted to explain how to find out what skin undertone could be yours. I am happy this post was useful and helpful,V.

  4. Genie Geer says:

    Good stuff! It’s good that today my wifi is allowing me to get caught up on reading my fav blogs. I was unplugged for few weeks during my recent move to a retirement apartment while they were working on their equipment. It’s a treat to see what you’ve been up to!

    1. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot Gemir Geer and I am really Happy to ser you back. I see you are still unboxing your goodies then for sure you are still in the Game of your wonderful artwork. Blessings and hugs, sweetie.

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