IMG_7511Today I include my dusty rose and pink dresses I have been using for the last two months. All of them have been the core of my capsule wardrobe and I have enjoyed the experience of downsizing my wardrobe as I feel more confident with what I wear as well as can create different outfits using them in different ways. However, many of them will not be included in my autumn capsule wardrobe as they are too light and clear to be worn in the cold weather. Now I am still working in my fall capsule wardrobe and I have ready some transitioning clothes but I still have to purge my fall and winter clothes to reach the right one. I deeply believe having items of good quality over a bunch of clothes is more realistic and enviromentally friendly so I will keep on practicising this idea in the next seasons.

First of all here you have the solid colors.

2015-08-02 20.49.392015-07-04 19.15.542015-07-04 19.25.06IMG_7513


And here those with floral prints. 

IMG_7509IMG_6302IMG_20170830_175204 (1)IMG_20170917_170543

Are you fond of minimalism? Do you think capsule wardrobes are restricting your style?

Have a nice day. Love and blessings


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