Canícula in Spanish means mid summertime. I think in English you call it dog days. This summer is really hot and intense in Madrid. Time has flown and we have another recap. This month has been all about trying new things and celebrating our second aniversary. As I have said before, time is passing too fast and in a month´s time back to school. These have been lazy days so my outfits have been laidback. 

I have tried to review the new pantone color trends for the coming season  and it is something my readers love so I will be doing a new review in six months before the year expires.  I also have continued my series on how to style tutus, different shades of blue, rose gold and pink jewelry, athleisure. I also wrote a post on how to pair necklaces with necklines which is something I have done from time to time since the beginning of the blog and I also have  presented some new looks. A very complete month. 


As usual I am very grateful for your comments and likes. Your support is essential to keep on with this project.  

Which has been your favourite post? What topics are you interested in?

Have fun. Love and blessings.

IMG_63022015-08-27-20-51-50a26b7-faldavaquera1IMG-20170717-WA0008 (1)IMG_6323

Estamos en plena canícula y julio finaliza. Por ello recapitulamos lo mejor del mes en el blog. El estar de vacaciones me ha permitido presentar nuevas cosas como algunas tendencias que he probado por primera vez, seguir con la serie de cómo llevar broches, oro rosa, tutús o de cómo combinar collares con diferentes tipos de escote, cómo incorporar accesorios rosas  a vuestros looks o como combinar diferentes tonos de azul. Asimismo me he adelantado a la nueva temporada analizando los colores que se van a llevar. En definitiva, un mes muy completo.



De nuevo quiero agradecer vuestro  cariño y apoyo. Me despido ya y espero seguir contando con vuestro afecto.  ¿Cuál ha sido vuestro post favorito? ¿Qué temas os interesan? Espero vuestras opiniones.  Felices vacaciones para los que esteis fuera de casa. Bendiciones y besos infinitos.

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