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Looking great is easier than it seems. Looking effortless chic is the clue of looking good.

A couple of ideas before giving tips. First of all to look eforlessly chic needs organization and this begins in your closet. Yes we hae to declutter our closet. Things that do not fit, things we have not worn in ages, clothes that are broken … definitely should go away. You can donate them if they are in good condition or you can organize a closet sale.

Then you will have key pieces to play with. Invest some time in reviewing what is left. If there is something unttractive or out of fashion, put it away.  

So now you have your most stylish pieces and it is time to see if they are versatile and study how to combine and pair them. Looking effortlessly chic means being skifull in the art of mixing and matching.

I imagine that with this you have a wardrobe full of pieces and clothes you love and that fit well – if not please have them tailored. With some clear space you can organize your closet using the rule of colors or the rule of same type of pieces.

And how some tricks and tips to look effortless chic.

  • First look for classics.  People think that classics can be boring but, in my opinion, they are timeless and investing in these pieces helps a lot when mixing and matching easily as they can be dressed up or down. What pieces should I invest in? Well, a leather jacket, a black blazer, a good woolen coat for winter, a good-fitting pair of jeans, some buttondown shirts are key pieces in efforless chic… And, of course, a little white, red, blue or black dress.



  • Be a mix and match expert. How to do so? Well, a basic outfit well paired with fine jewellery, a colorful scarf or belt and a classic bag or shoes will make your look pop. Those who are more risky can replace the scarf for a hat or a pair of high-knee boots.


  • Instead of matching everything try to mix by not matching handbag with shoes or using coordinates such as suits or top and skirt or pant sets in the same outfit. Not everything has to match even me, myself and I loves monochrome looks. But this sometimes seems to be a bit overdone!! Other idea is to wear three different colors in the same outfit.IMG_6386


  • Adding casual pieces gives an efforless touch to every outfit. For example, you can roll your sleeves or do not tuck tops in your back.  Steaming pleats instead of ironing them is another clue. This is very simple but gives a casual feel ideal for the style you are looking for.




  • Wear natural fabrics which are more breathable and airy. They also have a very refined touch to your outfits and their texture plays well with more stiff fabrics.


  • Simple makeup and hair style adds care to your appearance and obviously looks effortless chic. In a day o day basis do not overdo your make up and be simple with your hair style as a way to be elegant without pretendint to be so smart.


For the moment this is a good start. I promise to give you more clues in another post. What are your tips to look efforltess chic? Would you like to share them with us?

Have fun, enjoy yourselves. See U soon and blessings.

¿Qué se entiende por effortless chic? Simplemente estar divina con prendas básicas o como en el día a día combinar prendas básicas de nuestro armario con un toque chic, Y eso parece dificil de logar pero en realidad es más fácil de lo que piensas. Como punto de partida hay que desprenderse de las cosas que no nos quedan bien, están rotas o pasadas de moda así como de las prendas que hace mucho que no nos ponemos. Con esto nuestro armario estará lleno de cosas que nos sirven y con las que empezar a jugar.

¿Truquitos para logar un effortless chic? Si aquí te dejo unos cuantos:

  • Reinventar e invertir en prendas clásicas que son un fondo de armario y llevarlas de un modo alegre y no aburrido.

IMG_63322015-08-27 20.38.24

  • Experimentar con las mezclas sin recargar la indumentaria. Notas de color con zapatos, cinturones, pañuelos o bolsos extravagantes hacen que nuestro look sea más estiloso sin parecer exagerado.


  • Romper reglas clásicas como la de coordinar zapatos con bolso o ir en tonos coordinados – está no la cumplo mucho pero en otras personas realmente funciona. Prueba a introducir tres colores distintos – que casen bien , claro está – en tu look.

2014-07-09 13.22.07IMG_5952

  • Utilizar trucos como doblarse los puños de la camisa o la chaqueta o no planchar demasiado los pliegues de las faldas plisadas dan un toque casual que resulta estiloso,


  • Por último en esta entrega utilizar fibras naturales y dar por válido lo de la arruga es bella. Dan mucho juego y elevan instantáneamente los looks.



Bueno creo que para ser primero de agosto, ¡cómo pasa el tiempo! ya es suficiente. En otra entrada os daré más pistas. Os deseo un buen día y si estáis de vacaciones, disfrutadlas a tope. Besos y bendiciones.

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