Empire-rose-gold-earrings.jpgPink shades and rose gold are pretty feminine and trendy colors. We usually wear silver and gold accesories with the pink shades but rose gold  is something new and it can be considered as a classic as the other precious metals. So why not adding a bit of rose gold and pink to our accesories?
rose gold bangles
rosegold studs

I am really hersitant to invest in expensive rose gold pieces because I am not sure how to pair it with my present capsule wardrobe and accesories. However I have some tips to work rose gold and pink jewelry.

  • Replace yellow Gold with Rose Gold.  It is a new neutral as rose as pink is considered nowdays  and matches with all kind of clothes as well as it has the power of the metals. Obviously, some colors pair better than others. Rose gold with navy blue looks sophisticated as it contrasts richly with the boldness of the rose gold tones. Antoher wonderful pairing is mixing rose and pink with earthy tones, charcoal, nudes and khaki as neutrals but also looks wonderful paired with coral and turquoisie.


  •  A mix of metals. When training as a personal shopper  I was told that the have to avoid mixing metals and use only one in each outfit. But you have an awesome result when you pair bangles and bracelets mixing rose gold with silver or rose gold with gold. On the other hand,  layering short and longer dainty necklaces in both metals looks amazing. This type of combination can revive a plain working outfit.


  • Another way to combine bright pink shades such as hot pink, fuchsia or even magenta is to add silver or gold accesories with a touch of pink through pink stones, beads, feathers or enamelled elements.
  • A dress or jumpsuit in neutral tones blend wonderfully with gold and pink crystal dangling earrings and matching necklace or with a statement pinkish necklace and a cute cocktail ring.


Aquí traemos una tendencia que ha hecho furor en las últimas temporadas y es la vuelta de las joyas en tonos rosados y, en especial, el oro rosa. Una es muy escéptica a la hora de comprarse joyas en este tono pues piensa que no son tan clásicas como las realizadas en oro y oro blanco.  Sin embargo, como tendencia se puede incorporar en piezas de tendencia y que no supongan una gran inversión. Este tono de oro va fenomenal con azul marino dando un tono sofisticado. Con tonos vibrantes como el turquesa o el coral queda estupendo y también combina perfectamente con tonos camel, maquillaje, cremas y vainillas pues como ellos es un tono neutro al que añade calidez. Y como última sugerencia ¿por qué no mezclar pulseritas en oro rosado con otras en tonos plateados y dorados? Queda muy chulo.

¿Qué joyas tenéis en oro rosado? ¿Con qué prendas y tonos las combináis? Os deseo un feliz día. Besos infinitos.

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