When you ask for the most popular fast fashion retailers, for sure Zara is one of the first answers. Zara´s success is based on having trendy items that look designer but with reasonable price tags.


Until three  years ago,  the size selection in Zara ranged from XS to XL in many items but from 2017 Zara sizing expanded to an XXL, not in all their creations but in many of them.

One Spanish teenager demanded a  more inclusive size range and the Amancio Ortega´s brand accepted the challenge. But let´s be serious it has not a plus size division like the ones that Mango and HM have. 


Then what type of clothes can plus sized women find in Zara and what can they look for?

At the beginning knits and outerwear offered the best options because knits almost  always contain stretch in their composition while outerwear is designed to have layers underneath, so they tend to be a  bit oversize unless their cut is too structured.


I usually skip pants as my lower body is larger than my upper half but if the pants contain lots of stretch things are better and you can find some options in wide legged pants, culottes or palazzo pants.  Skirts with elastic waistbands  accommodate better.

Another option is to visit men´s department to look for blazers and coats. And I promise you can find wonderful tailored blazers and all type of outerwear.


And if you ask me about my preferences, I will tell you that apart from the design I always look for fabrics and cuts. Mainly I look for items that are stretchy, drape and oversize.  


Another question I consider if it is better to shop on line or in person, I prefer shopping in store although the whole size range is not always available, then I go to the shop to see the item and size range, then I tend to purchase on line. But if you do not mind a hit and miss experience then you can order on line directly.

Tips for plus size women to shop in Zara are:

  • Look for oversize pieces.
  • Focus on cut and design instead of the size tag.
  • Check tags to look for stretch fabrics.
  • Look for tops, dresses and less structured bottoms.
  • For blazers and coats visit men´s section.


And if nothing fits, then look for accessories which are universally flattering… or at least they are meant to be.

Have you ever shopped in Zara? What have you purchased? Passion and peace.


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