When you have a pale complexion you need to boost your paleness if you do not want to look as if you are ill. So a pop of color is needed and the easiest way to add color to your face is using lipstick. Sometimes bare face only with a bit of blush and a bold lipstick save your makeup.


I like to pair lip colors with the right outfits. How to do it sometime matching lip color with my clothes and in other occasions lip color stands out over my clothes.

Bold red goes well with navy, white, black and neutral outfits. Here you have an example of matching my coat with my lip color.


Magenta is a very bright color which matches with beige, brown, black, white and navy as well as vibrant purples. 2015-07-19-14-51-03dav

Pink is my favorite color from barbie pink to fuchsia . And in my opinion it looks great with almost all colors. I enjoy wearing bold pink lipstick with pink outfits to make monochromatic combinations which are my favorite. The most common outifts with a pink lipstick  are blacks, whites, browns white and purples. I sometimes have one of my lips in pink and the other in red which looks cute and extravagant at the same time.


Corals and nudes are pretty although not my favorite. I like this lip color paired with jewel tones such as cobalt blue, emerald green and ruby. Neutrals also combine well with coral lipsticks.

psntalongris3IMG_0590IMG_8033 - copiaIMG_4742

What are your favorite lipstick colors? How do you pair your lip color with your clothes?

Peace and passion.



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