Color psychology is all about the emotions and the characteristics attributed to shades. Red is connected with physical reactions and is considered as male energy male color and as power. It is a catching color and that is why maybe it simbolizes danger and stop in traffic lights. On the other hand black is related to sophistication, glamour and authority. The combination of both colors means elegance and sophistication, something I like to transmit.

arbolde navidad6

Nevertheless, our color choices are not always conscious. Experts say that only a 20% of our color choices are deliberate so by chosing the colors we wear, we are showing how we feel and how we want other people to interact with us.

For my winter personality, black represents sophistication and seriousness but with the red makes it more approachable.

arbol de navidad5

With that said, here you have my choice. An all black ensemble with pops of red. Red for the scarf and the long leather gloves.  The coat is an old one by BabyPhat. Made in a brocade cotton adds texture to the outfit and makes a nice contrast with the scarf and the gloves.  The opaque tights and ballerinas maybe are too dark for the ensemble but I love this black outfits with the cheerfulness of the the red makes it charming and cute. 

arbol de navidad2

Perhaps the mixture of feelings is what inspired Stendhal to write The Red and the white, a wonderful 19th century novel but in any case it was my unconcious inspiration for todays outfit. Although when analyzing its meaning I loved and it was a joyful ensemble for a Christmas Sunday. 

What are your favorite color combinations? Be blessed.