IMG_6904 (2).jpgIMG_6910I do not have many skirts. And the ones I have gravitate between pencil skirts and skater or pleated skirts. So, when Jessica Kane from Society + (https://society-plus.comcontacted me to team with them to feature some of their pieces I decided it was time to try something new.  And I got this wonderful white lace pencil skirt. If I say it is girly and flirty but also it is chic, versatile, cute and has excellent quality I am not exaggerated. But, let´s go step by step. Lace is a delicate fabric and, in this case, being white looks very clean and fresh. The quality of the fabric is incredible, the floral pattern looks dainty and the lining is not only stretchy but also breathable as it is made mainly of rayon, which is a semi synthetic fiber coming from natural polymers. The classic design (pencil skirt) makes it very versatile as you can dress it up or down. The design includes an elastic waist at the back which contributes to make it more comfortable as it is adjustable and to flatter your figure, therefore it fits like a glove.


The combination of design and fabric is so chic and smart and when I was having the pictures taken I got complements on how cute was the skirt.

I have shopped in society + before and I have always recommended the quality of the clothes and their reasonable prices.  


The designs are made for and by plus size women. The sizes are honest and real so if you are in between maybe the lower size will fit you and sometimes they are made to fit two sizes at the same time. Their mottos are included in the clothes and the labels and it is amazing reading “You are confident” or “you are victorious” in the labels. This is an injection of positivity and, with this said, for sure Society + are active members in the Body Positive movement.

IMG_6914.jpgIMG_6906 (1).jpg

And now a couple of things on how to style such a cutie. I present it in a casual way in a monochrome look with silver touches. A sleeveless plain white top with silver accents in the neckline with silver rectangular earrings,  glitter ballet flats and a sequence owl crossbody.

Other ways to style lace skirts will be listed below:

  • For casual looks pair, your lace pencil skirt with a white T- shirt and an open chambray shirt. The contrast of white and blue looks incredible.
  • When you want a more formal look just combine your lace skirt with a fitted blazer in contrast.
  • You can get a chic and polished look when you lace your poplin shirt.
  • If you want to dress down your lace skirt, just add a T-shirt and heels
  • When the weather is cooler just pair you lace skirt with a leather moto jacket. It will look a bit edgier but always put together.
  • A tank top mixed with your lace skirt makes a nice combination.
  • Jerseys and sneakers are also compatible with your lace skirt.
  • With a belted peplum shirt in the same color of the skirt you will have the illusion of new dress.


If you want to have a cute lace pencil skirt, please grab this one. IT is available in black and white at Society – plus website .

Do you like lace? How will you style a lace pencil skirt? I would like to hear your ideas. Love and Blessings.

 Hoy va de faldas de encaje. Me sorprendí mucho cuando Jessica Kane de Society – Plus se puso en contacto conmigo para que comentara alguna de sus piezas. Me hizo mucha ilusión y decidí que esta falda blanca de encaje era una cucada y ofrecía muchas posibilidades. La calidad del encaje, el diseño con efecto adelgazante y cinturilla elástica en la parte de atrás de la falda, los motivos florales del encaje y el tallaje son extraordinarios. No tengo palabras suficientes para describir las bondades de esta falda sin caer en la exageración.

Hoy la combino con una blusita sin mangas con adorno metálico plateado, pendientes del mismo metal, manoletinas de glitter y un bolso con lentejuelas plateadas. ¿Mucho? Quizá si, pero a veces hay que darle brillo.


Para terminar algunas posibilidades de cómo llevar una falda como estas:

  • Para un look informal simplemente llevarla con una camiseta sencilla y una blusa de chambray abierta.
  • Para looks más formales puedes combinar la falda de encaje con un blazer entallado en contraste.
  • Para un look super chic puedes anudar en forma de lazo tu blusa de popelín.
  • Cuando hace frío las faldas de encaje quedan perfectas con una cazadora motera. Una combinación perfecta entre lo atrevido y lo delicado.
  • Camisetas y deportivas casan fenomenal con estas faldas de encaje haciendo un conjunto resultón.

Por último, decir que si os gusta esta falda podéis adquirirla en society-plus https://society-plus.com 


¿Os gustan las faldas de encaje? ¿En qué combinaciones las preferís? Quedo a la espera de vuestros estilismos favoritos con este tipo de falda.

Besos infinitos y bendiciones.




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