As I have mention in my latest posts I began a capsule wardrobe. Some of my readers have asked what a capsule wardrobe is and  what I did to start mine. So  I wrote this post as a frequent questions page.

What is meant by capsule wardrobe?

In my opinion, a capsule wardrobe is a compilation or a basic collection of coordinated clothes that could be used in several combinations. Expert capsule wardrobers include jewels, handbags and shoes in the capsule wardrobe. In my case I do not include shoes as my feet need a constant rotation of shoes due to my illness but , for sure, the rest is included. On the other hand, Lounge clothes, intimates and sportswear usually are not included in the list.

The project is for a season, that is to say, there months but in my case as a trial I will do it only for a month. After this period, I will reconsider if it is worth or not to maintain it.

Why building a capsule wardrobe?

In my case because my closet was a chaos, because I needed to make my wardrobe simpler and because I realized I have spent a lot of money on clothes I do not wear.

What stages need to be followed before starting the project?

First be sure about what is your style, what clothes complement your body type and analyze what clothes do you own.

I analyzed my lifestyle and my body type to recognize which styles and pieces complement and suit me better.

How did I start to select the clothes to be kept in the capsule wardrobe?

  • First, I put all my clothes and accessories on my bed or on a big table. I checked what I had, how much I liked the items, what condition they were on, how much I spent on each piece…
  • Then I selected the clothes making four piles: Things I loved, they fit well and I usually wore them.
  1. Things I would like to keep maybe because they are in good condition or they are meaningful to me.
  2. Things I did not like and I would not wear but they are in good condition, so they can be donated or sold.
  3. Things to be thrown if they are in bad condition and cannot be reused.
  • Afterwards, things that I donated were bagged and stored to be sent away as soon as possible. Things to be thrown were put in the trash.
  • Finally, I purged the other two piles and I also had more clothes to donate.

What did I include in my capsule?

I realized I had a lot of pieces in pink so my selection was based on color, fit and weather conditions in September in Madrid. I usually wear dresses so I had 10 dresses, four light coats and jackets, 1 kimono, a black t-shirt and black jeans, 4 handbags, and some earrings and rings. Around 28 pieces.

I will analyze how would have been the experience at the beginning of October and I will let you know how was it.

Do you think capsule wardrobes are practical and useful? How did you build your own capsule wardrobe?

Love and blessings


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  1. sempreperfettamodaebellezza says:

    In my opinion a capsule wardrobe is very important but it takes a long time to get there. First you must know which colors suit your skin, hair and eyes and not which colors do you like (it is not the same). Then as you said find your style and what suits your body type and lifestyle. Once you have gone through the whole process you will have a closet with beautiful pieces which you will wear and look amazing everytime.

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    1. I completely agree with you

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      1. On the other hand, when I was building my capsule wardrobe, color was the third element to be considered. First personal style, second fit and third color. I mean in my wardrobe I will not include many jeans as I do not like them, they usually do not fit well as I am too short and third my lifestyle is formal so jeans are not always welcomed. Fit is essential as you need to have things tailored and adapted to complement you. Last but not least, we have to wear the colors that match our skin complexion as well as we like them. I usually do color studies for my customers and this is something basic before shopping for new clothes. So I will always agree with you, Sempreperfettamodaebellezza .


  2. Genie Geer says:

    Last year in preparation for downsizing, I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Girl, it changed my life! You can’t believe how many clothes, bags, shoes, I got rid of. (as well as an excess of flower vases, dishes, etc.). Then I was able to group everything in a manageable color story.

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    1. My dearest Genie Geer, as usual making wise comments. I read Marie Kondo´s book as soon as I heard about it and I read it again every change of season to downsize my closet, my books …
      I really appreciate your suggestion as other readers have ask about that book.

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