After Christmas and before Valentine´s Day people think there is no place for glamorous looks; maybe this was in the past because nowdays there are as many choices as we want since dressing codes are more flexible. For an exhibition opening which was an evening event I decided to rescue one of my  old  party  dresses with a silver touch.


HM plus offers different options of party dresses at competitive prices so when I saw this one two years ago it caught my eye quickly. A simple bodycon dress with a cute  v neck in the back and a lot of silver metallic threads which made it sparkling enough to bright without blinding. As it is a unique dress earrings were simple flowers and for shoes black suede ballerina flats. However the bag was a cute sequins owl which was a present from my old students .




¿Quién dijo que entre las Navidades y San Valentín no hay oportunidades para vestirse “de gala”?  Bien siempre se puede buscar una excusa para desempolvar vestidos glamourosos y darles un nuevo lustre. Y es lo que hemos hecho aquí aprovechando la inauguración de una exposición. Hemos sacado del armario un vestido ajustado de HM +  con hilo metalizadosen color plata sobre fondo negro y con un escote en uve en la espalda de los que a mi me gustan. Asi que me convertí en silver lady. El conjunto queda completo con un bolso con lentejuelas y forma de búho regalo de alguno de mis alumnos en lo que se llama el juego del amigo invisible que en muchos institutos se hace por Navidad. Y toda plateada creía que me había disfrazado de árbol de navidad pero no era simplemente … silver lady.



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  1. quinncove says:

    This dress looks stunning on you!

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    1. Thanks a lot Quinncove.


  2. Crystal says:

    You look absolutely stunning!!! ♥♥♥

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    1. Thanks a lot ,Crystal. You are very kind .
      The dress is pretty old but it is well designed to flatter round bodies like mine.

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      1. Crystal says:

        You’re welcome. I love it! That’s a dress that never goes out of style.

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