It’s not necessary to live in England to realize that umbrellas are rainy day´s best friend. During my early childhood, I love to jump on puddles of water and having my curly hair wet. Although when I was a teenager I changed my mind, when my dad allowed me to use his huge black grandfather´s umbrella with a bamboo handle. Such exoticism made obsessed for umbrellas. Even now I love rainy days just because I wear umbrellas. No rubber boots, no raincoats, just umbrellas. Then do you guess what this post is about… For sure umbrellas


But umbrellas have their practical side and we should learn how to choose an umbrella. Umbrellas per se are elegant and stylish accessories as they not only save us from rain but also it completes our rainy-day look.

The first thing that attracts our sight is the drawing and the color of the umbrella but we also must pay attention to the quality as umbrellas are durable and they will accompany us for a long time. Many women like to carry their “bag friendly” umbrellas while I prefer statement and huge umbrellas.

In terms of  fashion , I must admit a traditional black umbrella can flatter almost everyone and easily goes with any outfit. Nowadays, designers offer stylish umbrellas with gorgeous prints, patterns or an original drawing. They also could have decorative elements  or even we can find  transparent umbrellas, which look really romantic. You can also choose from different shapes and many of them are AMAZING.

Aspects to be considered when buying an umbrella are:

Material and Size of the Umbrella

Umbrellas should be weatherproof and windproof. The best material is teflon-treated hood as nylon repels the water well but the hood may get wet quickly. As for the size of the umbrella, I recommend those with a diameter of at least 1 metre.

Wind – proof umbrellas

During the time I lived in Ceuta, I realized how important are wind proof umbrellas as some of my lovely ones did not survive after strong winds and broke easily. Since then I looked for umbrellas which will easily return to its original shape once they are bent inside out,


It is recommendable to choose an umbrella with a semicircular curved handle. The rubberized umbrella handle is the best, while others may be broken. Fashion enthusiasts also pay attention to the design of the handle and mostly choose the ones with interesting handle solutions. For example, Burberry offers umbrellas with handles in the shape of a dog or a duck.


Opening Mechanism of an Umbrella

Umbrellas can have different opening mechanisms: mechanical (opened and closed manually), semi-automatic (opens with a click and closes manually) or automatic (opens by pressing a button) , In this case I opt for the most comfortable to use.  

What do you prefer rain coats or umbrellas? Are you one of those who lose lots of folding umbrellas?  Take care and see U soon.



Hay mujeres que prefieren diamantes pero yo me inclino por los paraguas. Si es una opción rara pero desde que mi padre me dejó usar el paraguas con mango de bambú de mi bisabuelo quedé tan impresionada que cada vez que compraba un paraguas debía tener un diseño chulo. Pasada la tontería de la adolescencia me centré en la calidad de los paraguas y me gustan grandes, con mangos curvos semicirculares y resistentes al viento. Y esto lo aprendí en mi estancia en Ceuta donde más de un paraguas se descuajaringó tras un golpe de viento. Así que desde entonces grandes y con mecanismo anti viento. Por lo demás me gusta de señorita aunque reconozco que lo más socorrido es el típico paraguas grande negro de hombre porque estiliza y va con todo. De esos tengo dos y otros muchos que podéis ver en las fotos. Para mi los paraguas son uno de mis accesorios preferidos y así lo atestiguan los que me conocen bien. Fetichista hasta en los paraguas dicen mis amigas… Y si llevan algo de razón.

¿Preferís paraguas o un buen chubasquero? ¿Qué paraguas os gustan más los plegables o los enormes? Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.


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