Color analysis

Colour analysis in fashion helps us to discover which colours best suit us according to our complexion. This will give us an idea about what colors of clothing and make up will match our skin complexion, eye color and hair. As a personal shopper, I take account on that when I plan a customer´s wardrobe and I have  astyle consulting.

Then after checking your skin tone, your hair color and your eye color, you could be grouped in one of the four seasons. 

Here  you have a short summary of colors and characteristics of each season. Which one do you fit?


Skin      Clear and warm undertone. Light skin in each ethnicity.

Eyes      Light blue, green, hazel and light brown.

Hair      From light blonde to medium brown. Red.


Skin       Cool undertone with low contrast between hair and skin.

Eyes      Blue, grey- blue, green or slate.

Hair       Dark blonde to medium Brown


Skin      Warm and golden undertone. Low contrast between hair, skin and eyes.

Eyes      Hazel, medium to black -brown, olive.

Hair       Mid brown to black, red.


Skin     Cool or olive undertone. High contrast between skin and hair.

Eyes    Mid brown to black brown,  grey blue

Hair     Ashy mid brown, dark brown, black.

Which palette suits your complexion best? Do you think color analysis is useful to build your wardrobe?

Love and peace.


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  1. Monica says:

    Love this post, great information.


    1. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot Monica. I am really glad you like the post. Blessings


    2. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot Monica. I am really glad you liked it. Blessings


    3. María Sanz says:

      Thanks a lot for your support. Blessings


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