Black and grey or viceversa


Grey and black are a versatile couple for the winter season. Black is elegant and always flattering but, on the other hand, on its own makes you look too serious and even older.  To make the ensemble more wearable, I added a loose taupe coat, a grey handbag and snakeskin oxfords. The other garments are a simple black dress, a black scarf and cute black suede gloves I got at an incredible price- 8€.Primark offers wonderful deals so it is quite recommendable to visit the Irish store department from time to time in order to get little treasures at the best price. There is a wide selection of Christmas presents, little cute details, at incredible prices. Then a visit to Primark is essencial.

I admit this a formal attire to succeed in a long working day. I always prefer my student´s attention on what I teach instead of having all eyes on me, and this happens when I wear read or other lively colors in summertime. That is why black is my unifirm nowadays.  How do you survive to professional dress code requirements? How do you combine black?

And now just time to give you all my best wishes for this coming holiday season.  Thanks again for your support and care. Lots of peace and love.



Gris y negro es una combinación muy socorrida en estos días de invierno. El negro, como ya sabemos todas, estiliza pero también añade años si no se combina bien. Por ello para restarle seriedad lo hemos combinado con un abrigo suelto y ligero color topo y un bolso del mismo color dulcificando un outfit muy cómodo para una larga jornada laboral.Vestido negro liso, foulard del mismo color, oxfords en animal print y vistosos guantes de ante de Primark a un precio imbatible, 8 euros,complementan nuestra clásica indumentaria.¿Qué look os permite vuestra profesional dress code? ¿Cómo combináis el negro?

En vísperas de Nochebuena quiero desearos toda la felicidad del mundo en compañía de vuestros seres más queridos y que la calidez del hogar nos llene de cariño y amor.

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