Today we are going to discuss Trendy Looks for curly hair. As you all know, curly hair has a lot of personality, with a lot of volume and strength. In addition, it is characterized because it is very versatile when it comes to wearing it. Although we all know that curly hair has always been more difficult to wear. That is why you must take special care and constantly hydrate it so that it does not become dry and frizzy hair without defined curls.

Cómo llevar el pelo afro con mucho estilo

Today we are going to talk about different trendy looks that we can choose to show off perfect curly hair. Do you dare?   Ok, let´s begin!The first trendy look and the most famous is the Afro look. This look is intended to create a lot of volume in all curly hair and at the same time highlights the figure of our neck, since it is uncovered. For this type of hairstyle, it is ideal to do a balayage or babylight to illuminate the face and give different points of light in the hair. 

Últimas Tendencia de Corte para PELO RIZADO y PELO AFRO 2018🍍 cabellos  saludables - YouTube

We can also find the trendiest style at the moment, the Bob. The Bob cut is the trendiest look that we can find now, especially in summer. It is ideal for those girls who want a good makeover and decide to go from a long hair to a short one. The Bob cut itself is very versatile and can take on different lengths. We have the Bob cut, the Long Bob, and the Super Bob. This look also often has a style with pointed ends and adds a lot of texture and volume to the curls.   

80 Fotos Corte de Pelo Bob 2021 | PeinadoZ

Among curly manes we find a lot of versatility when making a cut, since curly hair allows us to play and create layers to adapt the shape of the hair to your face. Therefore, one of the trendiest looks in curly hair is asymmetrical. This look allows you to change your style radically, it is daring and with personality. For this cut it is important to assess the profile of each one and adapt it to the personality and tastes. We can also do a balayage or Californian to illuminate the hair and get light or a gradient that highlights the curly ends.



Finally, we will talk about the Pixie cut, this cut became a trend in 2016. It is a cut for women who do not want to go unnoticed, with personality and strength. This trendy look is asymmetrical and versatile, we can create a longer side of the bangs with a parade cut that adapts to the face.  In this look we also recommend making a balayage or babylight lighter than the natural tone to give light to the face.

Pelo corto rizado 2021 2022 mujer | loaNah

Do you dare to change your hair style?

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