This season the color palette is mainly based on neutrals : camels, creams, beiges and browns. This are not my favorite colors as they do not harmonize well my skin tone. However, I admit investing in some pieces in these hues will be useful to have a perfect wardrobe due to its versatility.

In my case, I prefer navy blue as a neutral and this season I have revisited my wardrobe to rescue all the items that are in the blue sphere.  These are all wardrobe classics I already know and have loved for years so I wear them repeatedly season after season. Some of them are popular in the blog but when it comes to fashion, I’ve just learned to be much more comfortable in my own skin, so I wear what makes me happy and what makes me feel confident.  What I would like to point is that once you have found your personal style you could make variations and be creative with it as well as you can try new things out of your comfort zone but always keep your closet full of pieces you love and that fit perfectly in your personal style.



This spring my mood balances between blues, pinks and bits of creams and beiges and I will try to like more and more these clear hues and incorporate them in form of basic pieces to give more versatility to my wardrobe.


One of these items is my favorite spring coat. This ModCloth creation I purchased last year before the brand stopped its delivery to the EU. It was defined as a floral blue and green cotton trench but for me it is a spring coat. It has a retro look with its fit and flared design with a navy belt to cinch your waist and a wonderful teal lining. Today I paired it with a red little handbag and red ballerinas.

Are you fond of floral spring coats? Do you prefer trenches?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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    1. María Sanz says:

      Gracias por las flores, Superduque


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