The origins of this type of dresses is found in 1956 when the movie Baby Doll portrayed a babydoll nightgown in a childlike and sensual way. The film was banned in some countries but babydoll styles became popular since then.

As time went by babydoll jumped from the bedroom to the high street and all type of women, no matter their body shape, love this fresh, seductive and playful style. However, styling this type of dress is a bit tricky because you can look sexy or completely ridiculous. If your stomach is flat, you will look sweet but sexy. On the other hand, if you have heavy thighs try better a longer version.



The perfect length

The best length is a few centimeters above the knee. In case you are petite and slim you can wear it a bit shorter to lengthen your legs.

Babydoll dresses are flowy so take it in mind in windy days or if you are dancing at the club as your undergarments will be on display.



The right undergarments are crucial in all type of clothing but in the case of flowy styles play an important role. Babydoll dresses with plunging necklines require the right bras, and push-up bras will be a nice option.

If your problematic area is lower part of your body, then longer dresses are the best option. When you wear  a babydoll dress with a deep plunging neckline, choose the right bra. In other cases, your best choice could be those babydoll dresses that have built in brassieres.


High Heels

It is an excellent idea to pair babydoll dresses with wedges as they are comfortable and give you good height. In case you will wear it to the beach pair them with lowheel sandals or opt for flip flops.


To Avoid the “Pregnant” Look

Lots of complaints on babydoll dresses point that they make you look pregnant. To avoid so pair them with high heels and experiment with your makeup.

And if you are pregnant then wear them as they are versatile, comfortable and flowy with no restrictions.


Wearing babydoll dresses and being older of 40

If this is your case, you can wear them, but it is better to opt for darker shades and heavier fabrics. Another way to style babydoll dresses if you are over 40 is pairing them with long leggings to have a sophisticated look.

Reasons to wear this type of dresses

Babydoll dresses are always on trend as they are very forgiving. Empire – waisted  styles will make you look good. You could show a nice bust and great legs while you camouflage your tummy and hips.


Choosing the perfect babydoll dress

For a minimalist and more sustainable wardrobe you can select a long wearing fabric, such as wool, silk or a nice recycled polyblend. A-line and trapeze shapes are the most flattering and fit most women.

Voluminous styles could make you look pregnant, but you can belt them to make them more fitted.

Babydoll dresses are perfect for everyday wear and just by changing accessories they will look incredible at nighttime.

Peace and passion. 


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