americana6A tote is a large bag ideal for carrying lots of things. They are also known as carry-all bags or simply shopping bags. There are lots of tote bag styles. For example, reusable  cotton shopping bags, more structured textile bags, and also leather totes. In all cases there are some common characteristics for tote bags.

Tote bags can be used for multiple purposes and occasions. They also come in an abundance of varied designs. Whether you buy a couple or make them yourself, thanks to their reusable nature, they will last you for years to come.



Tote bags are large, they must be! Of course, tote bags will be large enough to fit all what you need for the day – books, laptop, gym clothes, uniform, comfy foldable ballet flats. And the most important thing is that tote bags are flexible, and my conclusion is toss everything in your tote bag… The only inconvenient is how heavy it could be…



Totes usually have two long straps and a wide-open top. You can wear them on the shoulder but also, they could be worn as big crossbodies.

Tote bags often include a single large interior space but also include interior pockets for your essentials. The wide top opening is ideal to see what you carry in your bag.



Many tote bags are big bags with straps but without any structure such as the cotton shopping bags, however some of them are very structured. In my opinion, those in between are the best because with a structured base or even those with a removable bottom base.

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Apart from cotton or textile bags, totes can be found in different materials such as waxed canvas, plastic bags, braided leather totes, soft leather or even.

And now some of the uses of tote bags.

  • For shopping and then they are the shopping totes since they are perfect to bring goods home. You can carry your food from the grocery´s or your last fashionable clothing so tote bags result durable and study.
  • For school, in my case as a teacher they are the best to keep my books on the way to class. Their size is also good to fit a laptop, therefore they are also suitable for work.


  • As a purse perfect for running errands o just to give a fashionable touch to your casual outfits.
  • Tote bags are great options for beach bags as well as travel bag. In this case the bigger the better to carry the maximum number of things.
  • Other uses of tote bags can be home storage or as laundry bags.


As you can see canvas and cotton tote bags are multipurpose.

How about you? Are you fond of totes?

Peace and passion.


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