How many times have you experienced the idea of not having anything to wear? Even though your closet is full of clothes you still do not have anything suitable at the moment. And the solution is buying to face your frustration.

But I have realized it is smarter to evaluate what is in your wardrobe before purchasing something new. And love and wear what you already have instead of accumulating more things.

To revamp your wardrobe, you must organize it. At least every two weeks and if possible weekly. Keeping your clothes  in a pristine way will inspire you to invent new ways to wear them.

I challenge myself on paying attention to those pieces I do not wear too often and finding new ways to combine them. This makes my combinations fresher and my clothes rotation easier. For those pieces I cannot find new ways to pair them, there will be an exit: donation, selling or recycling… And then adopting the new rule which is two exits one entrance.

To look for inspiration on how to wear my beloved clothes I usually use Pinterest by pinning looks of a specific type of clothes. This is the cheapest way to recreate new ways to wear my existing pieces.

And last but not least stop buying for a couple of months to wear continuously the things I have in my closet. Then after this period the cycle starts again… Organizing wardrobe, selecting old pieces, giving them a new twist and making good choices for the new purchases replacing the clothes you donate or sell.

 What system do you use to take advantage of your old clothes and to revamp your wardrobe?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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