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Today´s post is about how to look taller. I assume the post is mainly for petite women but it also can work for plus sizes. I do not mind being short, but I like to look taller as a plus size woman to balance my outfits.  I love to play with fashion to create the illusion of height.

I have tried all of them and they are useful. For those who follow me you will recognize them as part of my style and almost all of them are based on how to balance proportions and how to use lines to create the illusion of being taller.



It is admissible that  vertical lines lengthen so the basic idea is to create vertical non-interrupted lines in your body. And you can get this effect wearing vertical prints but also just having a vertical stripe in your pants or creating a vertical line with the use of a column of colors.

Here you have some of  my tricks:

  • Match the color of your pants with your footwear or in case you are wearing stocks follow the same rule.


  • Matching the color will make your legs appear longer  and instantly you will look taller. If you are wearing bare legs try to use nude heels or flats will extend your legs visually. High heels are considered a necessity to look taller and nude high heels can be petite girl´s best friends. Not in my case because I cannot wear heels, but nude wedges could be a good replacement for heels.


  • Wearing skirts and dresses just above your knee is an old trick that makes your legs look longer. And always balancing the skin showed in your legs with less exposed tops.



  • Use maxi dresses or skirts. Perhaps it sounds like a contradiction, but maxi dresses and skirts look flattering in short women as they create a continuous column of color which does the effect of lengthen your body. Pairing a long skirt with knee high boots and to maximize the elongating effect just match the color of your skirt and your boots. In these cases, solid colors or small prints work better because large prints will make your body too busy and overwhelm your body.


  • Selecting the right length of coat is also important to make you look taller. It is suggested that best coats for short women are those that are no longer than your knees. I agree with that but also, I would like to point that long coats do their best in creating a longer column of color and also, they are warmer.

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  • Wear monochromatic outfits. If your top and your bottom have the same shade and looks more pleasant to the eye as it works as a column of color to lengthen your body. Wearing a head to toe black outfit is the simplest and chicest way to elongate your figure but also you can try saturated tones such as red or neutrals have the same effect. However, dressing monochromatic does not  mean you have to wear a single color from head to toe, it means also that the colors chosen are from the same color family creating less contrast and making you look taller.

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  • Last is focused on shoes. And here we recommend pointy shoes as well as those which do not have horizontal lines that make you look shorter. So, avoid ankle straps which cut off your legs. Pumps are the best option… but pointy flats also work well.

To make the story short here you have the summary of all the trick:

  1. Wear monochromatic looks

  2. Wear well fitted clothes that flatter your figure

  3. Avoid horizontal patterns and stripes .

  4. Choose V neck tops and dresses.

  5. Match your shoes with your pants.

  6. Wear nude pumps to elongate your legs.

  7. Match hosiery with your shoes.

  8. Don´t wear too oversize pants or tops. 

What are your tips to look taller?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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