One of the most challenging clothes for plus size women are leggings and jeggings. Both are comfortable and versatile, but they show all your lumps and bumps. Some leggings have a hidden control panel which makes them more fitted and smoothing. I love high rise leggings – those which come above my belly – as they fit better and hide my fat rolls.

When I shop them, I love those that have a good quality and provide comfort and durability as I tend to wash them continuously. My favorite color is black, but I also wear them in navy blue and light grey in summer. My favorite fabrics contain a cotton blend with some spandex as they are more adjustable and if they have some kind of tummy support then they are superb!

tumblr_nsxbzdT7RA1ubpzbpo1_1280 IMG_7951

And now we have the jeggings which , in my opinion, are as comfortable as the leggings and have , generally speaking, a better fit. They have a serious problem which is thighs rubbing.

To find a good pair of jeggings pay attention to the cotton blend and for sure they are thicker than leggings and lighter than traditional jeans, but they should contain some stretch to camouflage imperfections and to adapt well to your body without being too tight.  I love high rise leggings, those that cover my stomach and make me look slimmer.


When talking about colors I like grey, blue and black although from time to time I add bright colors like hot pink or as I did recently dusty pink. But even they are not jeans they look as if they were.

 My biggest concern when buying jeggings is the cotton elastic blend. If they contain a lot of stretch, they look baggy but if they lack out of stretch you will look like a stuffed sausage.   


And now  how to combine jeggings and leggings being a plus size women or just a woman… I love to pair them with trapeze tunics, billowy tops or a long loose jumper will fit perfectly with  your jeggings and leggings. As I always insist is a question of proportions. If you draw your attention to your upper body, then the lower will look much slimmer. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with your derriere then choose a shirt long enough to cover it. 

2015-08-02 21.16.13IMG_8154

 I summarize the options on what tops to  wear  with leggings and jeggings to balance your silhouette:

Another way to create a visual line of an hourglass shape you can use a tailored blazer over a button-down shirt untucked. To draw attention to  your upper body just add a colorful necklace and ready to paint the town red.

To showcase an hourglass silhouette, include a colorful belt over  your longest tunics to cinch your waistline.


In case you prefer to a sweatshirt play with the accessories. Wear heels and add a statement necklace to balance proportions. A very simple way to upgrade your look.

Peplum tops do wonders to slim your figure and to hide your tummny areas so they are an excellent option when you wear jeggings and leggings.

If you wear a colorful cardigan, belt it for a more  figure – flattering look.

What type of jeggings are your favourite ? What color do you prefer them?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.




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