bolsos elena 13bolsos elena2I am easily amazed but, in this case, I am astonished. And you will ask me what happened?  Well my friend Elena gave a wonderful surprise. I always knew she was talented, skillful and creative, but I never knew brilliant she could be. For sure you will think I am quite childish, but it was something unexpected.


And here is the story… We had not seen each other for ages so we decided to meet as soon as possible. It was so hot in Madrid, that Elena suggested we could go to her place and that is what we did. There she showed us her cute collection of clutches, handbags and crossbodies she designs. All of them are beautiful, useful and innovative. I was so shocked that here you have some of her designs.

She gave one bag which I will style tomorrow but today our guest star is Elena and her exclusive bags.

bolsos elena3

I love the clutches. They have the right size, big enough to place your essentials. These clutches are so cute and colorful that are very easy to mix and match. Here you have my favorites.

Apart from clutches, Elena creates bigger handbags, all of them look cool and are spacious enough to contain your laptop as well as other belongings. I love them and I am going to get one to be my handy bag when school reopens in September.


I crave for them because of  their texture and coloring, their practical and convenient  design and versatility. Here you have a selection of Elena´s high capacity bags  – way I call such kind of bags.

bolsos elena 12

For those who do not like big bags or consider clutches are not useful, Elena offers her cute crossbody bags. As beautiful and colorful as the others They are wearable, smart and sophisticated, wonderful to elevate your basic looks.

Do you like Elena´s bags? Are you interested in purchasing one? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me to give her details since her website is under construction at the moment. IF you want my final thoughts I love them for their versatility, their creative designs and they are unique. So make up your mind and get one of these cute bags!

Blessings and hugs.

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