IMG_7335More fashion tips, this time related to your feet, especially if you love wearing stilettos.

If you like to dance the night away in your high heels, here you have the solution. As you know I can´t wear heels and sometimes I can resist the temptation of using them -even the shoes are not high heels but are higher than my flats-, then if I will be on my feet for a while I use a still standing foot spray. This product is made of natural autoinflammatory such as aloe, arnica and Vitamin E. : Thursday Plantation - Tea Tree Foot Spray, 1.69 fl oz ...

Foldable Ballet Flats and Flip Flops | What are Flipsters?

I combine it with other foot sprays with tea tree oil, chamomile and other pain relievers. I spray the product on my feet before leaving home and I also take the smallest size in my bag just in case I need it. Another solution are my foldable and portable ballet flats.

Your feet look dry and swollen after a long night out, then rub them with some tension relief foot gels which rejuvenate your feet in seconds when used continuously.

Pevonia Botanica Tension Relief Foot Gel buy to Mayotte ...

As a teacher I spend lots of time on my feet, not in heels but this can be worse if you wear your stilettos, as your feet feel uncomfortable and hurt. Then a traditional remedy is to use soft and cushiony footpads. On the back of your heel to avoid blisters when you wear new shoes or at the balls of your feet to prevent calluses. Cojín de bola de pie 6 pares de almohadillas para pies ...

Connected with blisters, I like to use a feet balm. By rubbing the balm on the areas, you imagine a blister can be formed you prevent them. To reinforce the effect of the balm, you can use Compeed pads. This is very helpful when you are wearing your brand-new heels, or you are practicing running.

Taloneras de gel - Compara precios en

Beauty Review: Compeed Blister Cushions - YouTube

However, if footpads are not enough, and you need more support and comfort  in your heels you can use heavy -duty foot petals. And you can use them also to get the perfect fit of those shoes which are too big for your feet.

Foot Petals - Killer Kushionz - Page 1 —

Last but not least,  this tip goes for those women who can survive without their heels in dusty or grassy environments. Heel protectors that are clear, narrow and durable are your solution. These heel protectors protect your shoes from dust, avoid you sinking in the grass and prevent you from slipping into cracks on sidewalks.

Perfect for working in the city.  Protect my heels and me from tripping.

Which one of these hacks is your favorite? How fond are you of using high heels?

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