The term body positivity is related to the idea of loving your body at any size.  As a movement has become more and more popular over the last years . However, it has lost its original meaning as soon as it has been used to  commercialize business and lines that are not helping people to love themselves. I agree with the idea of loving yourself and your body, but I do not agree with the fact that some body positivity activists promote obesity and the fact you can wear whatever you feel like without considering your proportions and your body shape.


With the influence of plus size models – only hourglass shaped models-  brands have made big money without considering other out of the pocket types of bodies.

To my point of view, the moto “all bodies are good bodies” is the simplest way to present what body positivity is.  It means lots of different things according to every individual. It is obvious the fashion industry has promoted standardized beauty and sizes, so widening the scope allows  women to have more options to dress. Then it is interesting and practical for plus size, petite or taller women.


I love to have more options to dress but I also consider that I cannot wear everything is sold for the plus size community as sometimes brands adapt regular sized clothes to plus size and what you have is ridiculous, not flattering and with a vulgar taste.

I also dislike the idea of defining body positivity for plus size women as models whose bodies are hourglass, have a flat stomach and are tall.


And here is another misunderstanding body positivity does not include fat positivity or fat acceptance. You can love your own body but society still is shaming us for being fat and it is amazing how we are judged for our bodies in first place.

To make the story short we accept partially the ideas of the body positivity movement but also it has to be clarify what this movement represents and really means nowadays in February 2019. 


Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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