It is common for many girls with naturally curly hair to have treatments  to straighten their hair.

On the other hand, there are those who decide to stop to straightening and let their curls be free.

For these girls, we have a special post, which will help them understand what the care for curly hair is.

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Although home treatment is particularly important, it is advisable to visit a hairdresser from time to time.

This is needed to receive deep hydration treatments and above all receive instructions from a specialist on the things we should do.

Curly hair is beautiful and wild, when it is healthy and well-groomed it shows at first glance.

Learning how to care for curly hair is not a difficult task, but it is necessary to understand certain key points that we are now going to tell you about.

1 – Avoid cutting your hair yourself

Sometimes the appearance of haircuts is due to the use of inappropriate tools or techniques when cutting hair.

A scissors that are not sharp enough, instead of cutting, will crush the strand until it breaks. In this way, that flattened section of the strand will open in the short term, many times affecting the healthy appearance of your hair.

Sometimes a strand becomes so open that you can lose the integrity of several centimeters of hair if you do not pay attention to this.

It is best to visit a salon occasionally so that a professional, can give you a cut of ends and they can tell you a little more about caring for curly hair.

How I Trim My Own Curly Hair |

2 – Avoid the sun

I always emphasize the negative influence that excess ultraviolet rays have on your hair and skin.

To keep your curly hair healthy, you should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.  You can use a scarf to cover it or a hat, you can also use sunscreen  to prevent it from drying out.


3 – Avoid overhyThe 21 Best Hair Masks for Dry Hair | Who What Weardration

Overhydration can become a problem.

When you go overboard with masks, your hair’s reaction is to get heavy, causing your curls to fall out.

Do not overdo it, it will be enough to use two masks at most a week.  With this, your curls will remain healthy and firm.

We hope this post has given you some good hair care ideas for curly hair. If so, give it a like.

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