Advancing trends for spring summer 2021, we see that pink and rose shades will be in blossom.

According to Pantone Color Institute we will be wearing either soft and pastel pinks as proposed in the London Fashion Week or more vivid shades such as Raspberry Sorbet and Burnt Coral from the New York Fashion Week.

With this sad, here you have 7 tips to use and be stylish when wearing pink and rose shoes and clothes:

1.              Firstly add texture. Textures give volume and visual contrast making your outfits more interesting.

Imagine pink trousers with pink shoes and a white top in summer or paired with a grey cable net jumper in wintertime.

2.             Opt for prints and designs to make simple but effective ensembles. I love flower and animal prints. Pink floral print skirts look incredible with dainty blouses and romantic T-shirts.

3.             Be inspired by masculine styles. Chic men styles provide interesting combinations as they tone down the softness of pink shades. It is also a good trick to use bigger and bold pieces.

Pin on Plus Size Fashion

4.             Moreover, use it to add a pop of color. Pink accessories such a pink scarf or a rose gold watch will add a dainty touch to your outfits. For sure it will level up your plain outfits.


5.          Use pink to make your outfits edgy as its boldness will accentuate the quirky side of your looks.

6.          When you want to show your preppy style  simply pair a girly dress with pink pumps or sandals. The sweetest and most classic way to wear pink.

7.          Finally,  don´t be afraid to be bold. Fuchsia, neon and hot pink are shades that look great against almost all skin tones so use them in your benefit by making bold and monochrome looks or maybe mixing them with neutrals for a softer outfit.

Are you a pink lady? What is your favorite pink shade – coral, salmon, dusty rose, gold rose, hot or neon pink?

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