Today you have a very personal post, my journey to self love and body acceptantce.

As a child I always felt different due to my feet problems but never paid attention to my fatness. I was chuby but I did not have any problems with it. 


When I was a teenager, I thought I could never love my body, perhaps I could accept it. The scars, my corpulence, my curly hair, my acne… made me feel bad in many occasions because I was different. You all know that adolescents have a sense of belonging to a group of friends and I was the blank verse of my group of friends.


During my early youth years, I began to love my curls as I realized afro hair was in vogue and people were paying money for something I have always had. On the other hand, I considered my scars as an identification mark I was born with a problem in my feet and being operated made my life much easier.


In my early twenties I started to look at my body in a more positive way, it was my home and I should try to be as healthy as possible regardless of my weight. My conclusion was we need to love our bodies and then accept them.


And this is my philosophy since then; as a teacher I have helped my students to have a healthy relationship with their bodies… And to be frank this idea has helped people to change the way they perceive their bodies.


And there nothing more real than the fact that our bodies give us life and we cannot live without them, so we must love our bodies. We cannot separate from our bodies.


Now as mature woman I could have felt  bad about my body changes, but I accept them as they are part of the course of time. And I do not feel it in a negative way, I take care of it the best I can, and I have incorporated the healthiest routines to keep it in good shape. And even in these days I look at the mirror and I am frustrated about what I see I smile and say to myself,  Maria this is your home, so do not feel ashamed of it, it is what keeps you alive.  It is  just a gentle reminder and I feel much better.


Acceptance process began when I found clothes that fit my body type and made me feel good looking, when I found about what suited me and even it is not fashionable I  wear it to feel beautiful.

And now it is your turn, please tell me how would your life change if you have a good relationship with your  body. Passion and peace.


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