sdrburstH&M has been one of my favorite brands to shop for plus size clothing. Sometimes what they offered was not my cup of tea and other times they had cute collections. I used to shop on their stores until many of their pieces only could be purchased online. And it  has been a while since I have shopped in their stores. But there was something that shocked me, and this was the fact that H&M has removed their plus size range from almost all their stores.


It was really disappointing not having the possibility to try clothes on in store. Especially as their sizing seems strange. In the hope that H&M would have brought it back, looked for the H&M stores with plus size lines, however only one store had it and it was far away from home so went back to their webpage.


Before the quarantine started,  I accompanied my sister to exchange something in store and it was my time to look around. I did not have high expectations although, to my surprise, I realized some of their clothing had larger sizes extending them to an XXL or 50-52 in European sizing. After walking around, I noticed that many of the clothing went up to a size XL or XXL.

While my sister was queuing, I took some clothes and went straight to the fitting room. When I tried some pieces, I realized that size XL was generous and could fit a size XXL from other stores. But mainly in Tops and dresses as bottoms only went up to a 46.


To make the story short, I can say as a plus size woman, the XL and XXL can fit plus sizes up to a 2X or size 48/50. If you are larger than that you may be able to fit some of the oversized tops and dresses. And my conclusion is if your size is larger than a 50 or XL you need to shop online. And this is not fair.


Today a complete H&M outfit. Black Ankle-length trousers in a linen and viscose blend. High, elasticated, drawstring waist with a frill trim, discreet pockets in the side seams and wide, tapered legs with creases.The ankle length is paired with a black top with puffy sleeves. The textured off-white jacket is from last season and it looks great with the whole ensemble.  To bring a lot of drama to the outfit, big flower earrings by She In, cute and affordable, who wants more?

How do you feel when your size is not available in store? Should this be questioned?

Have a nice day. Peace and passion.


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  1. Genie Geer says:

    Hello Dear! I recently discovered H&M online carries my 3X and 4X sizes which makes me happy because shopping in stores makes my vertigo flare up. I can’t concentrate and get weak and sweaty. So imagine my happiness at getting a black “motorcycle jacket” on big sale online at H&M! Sooooo badass. Today the T-shirts and a white linen blend tunic arrived. It doesn’t matter if I can’t go out because I dress for me here at home! Besides, residents and staff here see me getting my mail, doing laundry etc. I was surprised and pleased when someone complimented my crazy young haircut. I really like your black and white ensembles and keep rocking that cute hairstyle! Peace.


    1. Maria Sanz says:

      Dear Venir Geer,
      I am glad you are doing well!! And always thankful to your kind commments and support.
      I admit you are right, H&M offers cute stuff and it is size inclusive on line but I wanted to point how difficult os to try on clothes un atores…. And show my complaints which sometimes is a way to express yourself.
      I am sure you will look awesome with your brand new biker as well as other cuties by H&M

      LOVE and Peace.


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