Pantone—London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Report
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London Fashion Week Spring /Summer 2019 edition introduced some variations to the color trends revealed in New York Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2019.

In general terms, many colors coincided with the New York palette. These are:

Jester red
Lovely color which alloys deep richness with vibrant intensity.

Resultado de imagen de jester red pantone

This orangey shade irradiates joy, energy and vitality. Here you have a perfect companion to reflect the happiness and vigor of the season.

Resultado de imagen de fiesta  pantone

Another orange in the collection. This hue looks vibrant and juicy making your outfits boost. Pairs well with all  variations of orange in the palette and makes good contrast with the darkest hues.

Resultado de imagen de tumeric  pantone

Living Coral
This soft pink contains a golden undertone which makes it sophisticated and regal. A simple way to soften and sophisticate your outfits

Pantone—London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Report 1
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Pepper Stem
A yellowish green to bring  the vitality of the greenery nature in spring to your looks. A splash of color linked with the renewed foliage of the season .

Resultado de imagen de PEPPER STEM PANTONE
Pink Peacock
Inspired in such a beautiful bird, Pink Peacock results a rich and opulent tone which transmits elegance, sophistication and vitality.
Resultado de imagen de PINK PEACOCK PANTONEPrincess Blue
Royalty at hand. A vivid blue easy to pair with almost of the shades of the palette and perfect for regal monochrome outfits. It makes you feel like a queen.
Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Princess Blue
Pantone—London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Report 2

Mango Mojito
A very attractive hue to warm your spring looks by adding radiance, cheerfulness and joy.

Resultado de imagen de MANGO MOJITO  PANTONE

In the family of the browns results sweet and soft relaxing your outfits in an elegant mood. Worn on its own from head to toe results classy and glamorous.

Resultado de imagen de TOFFEE   PANTONE

Terrarium Moss
Another color inspired in mother nature. Resembles the green vitality of the nature after the cold winter. This color works well paired with the oranges as well as the browns. It also matches well with Pepper making a relaxing combination in the same family of shades.

Pantone—London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend Report 3
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And here you have the London Fashion Week incorporations a very energetic yellow and a mute and delicate pink.

Lemon Verbena
Resembling the warmth of the spring sunrays and the freshness of the lemons Light as sunlight and fresh as lemon, this energetic shade will enlighten your outfits.

Resultado de imagen de lemon verbena  pantone

Pressed Rose
Delicate and girly this blossoming hue softens and feminizes your looks giving a romantic and tender flavor.

Resultado de imagen de pressed rose  pantone

Which of the palettes is your favorite? What type of hues do you prefer vibrant or muted shades?

Have a wonderful day . Blessings and hugs.

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