Winter is here with its cold temperatures and strong winds, snow and blizzards. And to be comfortable and warm we need to be experts in the art of layering. Yes, I know many of you will think that it is just putting cloths on top of others, but you need to be a bit skillful on that if you do not want to look too bulky.


Undoubtably, the most important piece in the layering process is outerwear as it requires little effort, but we need to look for something chic and classy and in wintertime we do not have as many options as other seasons. However, below our parka, our puffer coat or our long wool coat we can wear cardigans, blazers, biker jackets , bombers and denim jackets which will keep us warm.

So first we select the outerwear and spicy it up with a nice scarf, a faux-fur stole or a nice broach. Colorful gloves or mittens or even a long pair of leather or cashmere gloves will give a regal look to your simplest outerwear. 

abrigo gris6

We all know that scarves can be worn all year round although their best moment are in winter as they could be worn over your shoulders giving your most outer layer, but the most protective way is wearing them around your neck wrapped around in different ways. Everything will depend on what look you are looking for: dressy, classic, sporty or edgy among other choices. But winter friendly accessories will give you a fashion-forward look.


Then we can focus on what is underneath our outerwear. We can construct three layers if necessary. The first two should be fitted to flatter your silhouette as much as possible. The first one is your underwear and over it we can add a thermal t-shirt and the upper layer may consist on a fitted button down or a thin turtle neck jumper. Or combine a black turtle neck layered below a crisp white button-down shirt.

Over them can be a blazer, a junky cardigan, a fur vest, a light puffer coat…  

For your lower half it will depend on what you decide to wear. If you prefer trousers or jeans you can wear them over a pair of fitted leggings or panty hose with a pair of boots. In case, you opt for wearing a skirt you can pair it with leotards or opaque tights and use knee high boots which look fantastic with short and midi skirts.

Another way to be  cozy is to wear a turtle neck a dress and jeans, this is a fashionable and original way of combat cold weather.  


So, tell me, what are your favorite pieces to layer with for the winter?

Blessings and hugs.

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