I like my late summer closet cleaning to get it prepared for fall and always before I begin to shop for new pieces. It is a way to make an inventory of what you have and also an important to purge your closet. With this done you can create new looks, save money and if this I the case replace or buy new pieces.

This is the time of the year – as well as the end of winter – when I realized how many new outfits I can create just reworking my old pieces or just changing the accessories. The main rule is just be creative. So I have in mind several tips I used to shop my closet and today I would like to share them with you.

Sometimes when you take account of your old pieces you realized your favorite pair of jeans can be paired with other pieces in your wardrobe, other idea is to cuffed them and add a pair of block heels and a structured top…

Layering and more layering is an easy styling routine and to give a refreshment for your old pieces. You can wear a shirt dress over jeans or pairing one dress with a pair of leggings – which is my favorite as leggings are not as bulky as jeans. It is casual but with a polished twist. Other option is to wear the dress open and then it can be a light coat, something I adore.

Reworking pieces of other seasons is a must. In those days it is not too cold you can wear a light coat as a dress. I use to do it with my ModCloth lovely trenches and light coats. You belt them and look as if they were button down dresses. Other option for those who can wear booties – not me due to my feet problems – is to pair them with a light summer dress. It is so fresh and so clean, I wish I could afford it!


As usual introducing a statement accessory doubles or maybe triples the use you can make of your closet staples. Adding a choker, a statement necklace, a cute belt, a headband will refresh your old clothes and make them look brand new.

Last but not least borrow pieces from men around you. I used to borrow my dad´s pullover when I was a teenager and later on my husband´s shirts and blazers. Even nowdays I like to shop at men´s section as I crave for a well-tailored light coat. But may be what is most useful is to steal their shirts to add a masculine vibes to girly outfits.

Do you  buy the idea of shopping your closet before shopping for next fall´s clothes?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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