Color analysis is the key for creating a wardrobe based on a defined color palette. However, these typologies could be skipped but help us to know what works for each of us.

As a personal shopper with a degree in Art History I have worked with color and have analyzed how to look for the ones that fit me best according to my complexion. To make the story short, color analysis is a wonderful tool to realize how important is color in your wardrobe and to focus you on what shades suit better your complexion to use them regardless the trends. Nevertheless, color profile is a tool or a guide, never an imposition

This post is dedicated to the four seasons color theory which I introduced long time ago. Adapting your wardrobe to your color palette has more advantages than inconvenient as your purchases are oriented to what fits you better and make your skin pop and make you look sparkling instead of dull. The color analysis theory is based on four color scheme named after the four seasons. Each basic seasonal type depends on the undertone of your skin – topic of my last post on color analysis series – and the color of your hair.

Each season represents different possibilities while combining the variables mentioned above.

If your hair color is lighter than medium brown, your type could be Summer or Spring; in case your hair color is darker you probably will be winter or autumn. If you have warm undertone and your natural hair color is red your will be categorized as spring or autumn; when your skin undertone is cool and your hair tone has no golden or red highlights you would belong to the winter or summer family.

Here you have some clues to identify your profile as well as a palette with the shades we recommend for each type.

How do I identify my type? Just read the descriptions with your hair color and skin complexion. Do not pay attention to your preferred colors.


Colours for the Summer Type

Colours for the Autumn TypeColours for the Winter Type

What type are you? Was it difficult to find out what is your color typology?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.


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  1. Marta says:

    I love this type of posts. Could you please explain how do we know what season we are? Thanks in advance. Marta


    1. María Sanz says:

      For sure Marta I will be posting a test to help you to find out what season are you.


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