For ages brooches have been out of style. However, they are one of the most versatile elements to change outfits radically. Besides, they can be worn in a different purpose from the way they are intended. Their styling posibilities are much and they can define your personal style. 


Decorative pins and brooches can make our lapels pop or can be placed around collars or clipped to close a  shawl or pinned  to embellish a dress.


So these pieces are back to stay. They can be worn in modern ways appart from those used by the Queen of England and our grandmas.  My suggestions on how to wear and style brooches are these:

  • Pairing vintage brooches with print dreses or pinned in a vibrant solid clutch to add a modern touch.


  • Brooches should be pinned over the bust but also it could be worn to embellish a buttomed collar as well as in the middle of a dress or top.
  • The most classical and effective way to wear a brooch is to pin it in a black blazer lapel. It gives a very polished touch to a tailored black blazer or jacket.


  • A way to customize your boring bag is to add a brooch on the top corner and make it dressier and wearable for formal occasions.
  • Always look for shapes and designs complementing your style, mainly flowers, animals and abstract designs.



  • Experiment with old brooches, redescovering old treasures worn in a modern way to refresh your dulliest outfits.
  • Consider that brooches can accesorize a dress but never look for a dress to be paired to a brooch or pin.

Pins can be a good replacement to brooches and I should admit I do not have many, This season they are on trend I am going to look for a good collection to add to my jean jacket and to my white denim vest.

How do you like pins and brooches?  How do you use them? Do you prefer vintage inspired pieces or just new designs?  

Have a nice day. Blessings and See U soon.


Los broches se han asociado a algo viejuno, siempre nos recuerdan a nuestras abuelas o incluso a la reina de Inglaterra. Sí pero se han convertido en un accesorio de moda. ¿Por qué?  Sencillamente porque son muy versátiles y pueden levantar un conjunto soso o muy minimalista; mezclando un broche antiguo con un estampado de tendencia se consigue un look muy moderno; los broches son el mejor compañero de las solapas de un blazer y a veces colocados en lugares insospechados pueden ganar nuevas funciones: sujetando un pareo, un chal o para abrochar un abrigo suelto. En todos los casos ayudan a elevar la indumentaria y ha sido una pena que hayan quedado relegados al ostracismo durante tanto tiempo.



Aquí reivindicamos los broches como un accesorio versátil, contemporáneo y que , en general siendo modesto en su precio, puede cambiar totalmente un look. ¡Vivan los broches!


¿Utilizáis broches para customizar vuestros vestidos? ¿Qué tipo de broches colocáis en las solapas de vuestras chaquetas? ¿Os gustan los pins como alternativa a los broches?

Abrazos infinitos y hasta la próxima.






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