When talking about fashion with one of my customers, who is a mother of three and works in a nursery school, she suggested she needed something versatile and fashionable to freshen her wardrobe. Suddenly, the word athleisure come to my mind. I know this concept has been around for a while, but the challenge was to adapt it for a plus size women and to make it wearable for work and streetwear.


What is meant by athleisure? Essencially,  it  means using fabrics and styles related to activewear but styling for everyday and casual wear. And this has been on trend since 2015. So I decided it was something easy, versatile, comfortable and refreshing, ideal for my dear Amanda.

Her wardrobe was full of jerseys that worked well with the idea I had in mind. You can find footbal jerseys at excellent prices in thrift stores , vintage outlets and sport stores. This was a fresh start, then we had to look for pieces to match and pair with them. Old navy was a good resource even though we were ordering from Spain. Their collections of basic ponte skirts and leggings could pair well with the old Jerseys.  For bottoms, we also look good quality leggins and jeggins which matched well with her casual style, job and lifestyle. With this solved last thing was to add some sneakers and trainers. Converse and old fashion Adidas and Nikies gave a polished final touch. 


Next step was to find outerwear to complete the summer capsule wardrobe and I instantly thought about hoodies, kimonos and bombers. And all these types of jackets were in Amanda´s closet so we took advantage of them to solidy her style. We added a biker to complete the challenge and our athleisure makeover was done.

With this said you will have clues on how to adapt the trend to your personal style. My style is more formal than Amada´s and I am much older than she is so my idea of athleisure is a bit different. Here you have some images on how I manage the trend: First adding leggings to my wardrobe; second look for dresses with activewear details, third add hoodies to dress down formal clothes and fourth look for a good pair of  comfortable trainers. And that is all

Disclaimer: Amanda wanted to keep her privacy so I do not include her pictures but her transformation is suitable for everybody instead I include pictures of mine illustrating the trend. 

Are you fond of athleisure? What prints and pieces are your favourite? How do you mix and match formal clothes with sporty ones? Thanks again for your support. Have a nice day. Love and peace.



El otro día una de mis clientes, Amanda, me dijo que no sabía que ponerse porque quería un vestuario apto para su estilo de vida – madre de tres hijos pequeños y trabajando en una escuela infantil – que fuera cómodo pero no pareciera algo desaliñado y demasiado relajado. Enseguida me vino a la cabeza la idea del athleisure o sporty chic. Amanda necesita ropa resistente, cómoda y fácil de combinar. Todo ello con un toque personal. Su armario estaba repleto de camisetas de deporte que atesoraba como buena deportista que había sido. Algunas de ellas estaban en buen estado y sirvieron de base a su nueva transformación. Rebuscamos más en su guardarropa y descubrimos unos bonitos kimonos, algunas sudaderas con capucha en tonos neutros de algodón de buena calidad y una bomber muy interesante. Con toda esta base añadimos algunos leggins de calidad y diseño, una falda de punto con caída y un vestido en punto y diseño de rayas marineras. Las deportivas las aportaba ya su colección así que con todo configuramos un guardarropa básico de temporada con transición al otoño y sobre todo un fundamento de estilo personal adaptado a un modo de vida específico. Amanda contentísima me agradeció mi colaboración.


Como quiere mantener su anonimato acompaño el post con fotos mías y no suyas sobre cómo adapto la tendencia a mi estilo un poco más depurado debido a mi edad y modo de vida. Si os gustan este tipo de post decídmelo en los comentarios.


¿Qué prendas son vuestras favoritas para un look athleisure o sporty? ¿Cómo incorporáis las zapatillas de deporte a vuestro estilo personal sin que queden muy fuera de lugar? Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.


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